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Support Native Artists by Shopping Eighth Generation’s Gold Label Collection

Eighth Generation is proud to be a nationwide leader in the Indigenous effort of reclaiming the market for products featuring cultural art from corporations.

SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2022 / — Native lifestyle brand Eighth Generation has released six new scarves in its Gold Label collection just in time for fall. Eighth Generation’s Gold Label collection features wool textiles all designed, produced, finished, and packaged in the company’s Seattle studio, and is Eighth Generation’s latest effort to encourage conscious consumerism and cultural reclamation.

The new scarves feature designs from three of the company’s Inspired Natives ® artists, which is a small group of successful Native artists who have been invited to collaborate with Eighth Generation. The Inspired Natives ® project seeks to build business capacity among cultural artists while addressing the economic impact of cultural appropriation.

The new Gold Label scarves feature three designs, each in two unique colorways.

Maple Sugar Wool Scarf by artist Sarah Agaton Howes (Anishinaabe/Ojibwe)

Fall is one of the sweetest seasons for the Anishinaabe people thanks to one tree in particular—the sugar maple. Found throughout the woodlands of the eastern United States and Canada, sugar maples are a cornerstone of Ojibwe life, as heralds of the coming autumn with their fiery displays and sweet sap flow. The new Maple Sugar Wool Scarf features two colorways—a sugar-sweet orange and pink version, and a classic maroon and tan version. The colorways of each scarf honor the maple and oak forests that flame into color each fall, painting hillsides with vibrant hues from orange to purple.

Morning Star Scarf by artist John Isaiah Pepion (Blackfeet/Piikani)

The three brightest natural objects in the sky—the sun, the moon, and the “Morning Star” Venus—are a family in Piikani lore. Sun married Moon, who gave birth to Morning Star, a great hero who went on to have many legends told about him. Blackfeet artist John Isaiah Pepion pays tribute to this Piikani legend in his Morning Star Scarf. Stretching across the scarf, small dots make up stars in the night sky, while a repeating pattern of Morning Stars shines boldly across the center. The two colorways—a tone-on-tone green option, as well as a bold blue and yellow combo—means it’s easy to find a Morning Star that lights up your outfit.

Tribute Scarf by artist Jared Yazzie (Diné/Navajo)

Navajo weavers are world-famous for the skill, complexity, and quality of their woven designs, a tradition that goes back millennia. In the Tribute scarf, Yazzie combines the weaving tradition of his grandmothers with modern artistic sensibilities in a design that is the perfect blend of past and present. The Tribute scarf is available in two colorways—the turquoise so classically associated with the American Southwest, and a striking red.

“These beautiful, Native-designed wool scarves are the next step in Eighth Generation’s journey to reclaim the market for Native-made products. It’s so special that our Native-owned company is making wool textiles to share with people everywhere. Anyone can buy these, and we hope everyone does—supporting Native-owned businesses and artists is the best way to show your support for Native excellence and prosperity.”

Each Gold Label scarf is made of 100% Italian Merino wool and measures 75 in x 19 in/ 190.5cm x 48.26 cm.

About Eighth Generation

Eighth Generation is a Seattle-based art and lifestyle brand owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe. It was founded in 2008 when Louie Gong (Nooksack)—an artist, activist, and educator widely known for merging traditional Coast Salish art with influences from his urban environment to make strong statements about identity—started customizing shoes in his living room.

In 2015, Eighth Generation became the first Native-owned business in the US or Canada to sell Native-designed wool blankets, reclaiming a market that had been dominated by non-Native companies using fake “Native-inspired” designs for over a century.

Visit their website for in-depth information on their team of leaders, business practices, values, a wide selection of textiles, and future offerings – perfect for anyone with a good heart and a sense of style.


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