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Students May Pursue A Ph.D. After Graduation Or A One-Year Master's Degree: Dr. Prakash Bhosale

Dr. Prakash Bhosale at the Mumbai Student’s Forum

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, April 8, 2022 / — Dr. Prakash Bhosale shared significant news with students in a speech at the Mumbai Student’s Forum. After earning a four-year undergraduate degree or completing a one-year master’s degree, Indian students can now pursue a Ph.D. directly after graduation. An M.Phil. degree will soon be discontinued.

He said, “Those seeking a doctoral degree will need either a master’s degree or undergraduate research experience. The government is looking to integrate research into the graduation program itself as the M.Phil. has lost popularity over the years. Restructuring the Indian higher education program is an excellent idea. It has been 30 years since a paradigm shift took place in education. University students will also have the chance to study liberal arts in its entirety.”

Further, he said, “A student can begin their Ph.D. with a bachelor’s degree, saving time and money in the process. Students do not need to study for an extra year and are able to find jobs more quickly. Students should take advantage of the opportunity to skip a master’s degree if it means a scholarship in a Ph.D. program they want. In addition, it may also mean the chance to research the subject they want.”

“Students pursuing a Ph.D. also have access to more outside funding than students pursuing a master’s degree. Projects can be completed on time. In-depth, multi-year projects can be accomplished by pursuing a Ph.D. straight away.” he explained. “If students believe they will be able to obtain a Ph.D. without a Master’s degree, they ought to make their application as impressive as possible. A strong letter of recommendation from a respected university lecturer will be very helpful considering they are likely to be competing against others with a master’s degree.”

Dr. Prakash Bhosale is a renowned educational columnist and writer who delivers many lectures on online education and MBA Project Consultation in Mumbai to University students, corporate employees, and student groups across Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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