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Streaming Video Services Enrich TV Entertainment

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The emergence of streaming services makes home entertainment more abundant.

THE UNITED STATES, June 8, 2022 / — Global streaming consumption increased 10% in Q1 2022 compared to Q1 2021, with continued growth in mature markets such as North America (5%) and Europe (9%).

Large-screen devices (including connected TVs, smart TVs and gaming consoles) remain the preferred streaming device for users. Among large-screen streaming devices, viewers spent 34% more hours watching smart TVs this quarter than in Q1 2021. In terms of actual minutes played, Android TV was the growth leader across all top big screen devices – up 78 percent – and LG TV Forum, Samsung TV and Vizio TV all posted double-digit growth, up about 20 percent. This is another win for smart TVs.

The popularity of smart TVs has brought more possibilities for users’ home entertainment, and the first thing to consider when buying a TV is the size of the TV. Since most smart TVs are now 4K resolution and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers recommends sitting at least 30° away from the screen in view for a good experience. Combined with the ideal viewing angle and screen aspect ratio, the TV size calculator provides the best viewing distance and the right TV size.

Users should consider whether the TV size and optimal viewing distance are appropriate based on the size of the room, as well as daily usage habits.

By entering the size of the TV, for example, 55″, the TV size calculator will calculate the height and width of the TV, so users can reserve the installation location in advance. In addition, the calculator will also provide the optimal viewing distance, which provides practical usage suggestions.

In the last year, Sony’s entertainment content business also performed outstandingly well. Operating profit from the film and TV business soared 172% to 217.4 billion yen, mainly from box office of new movies + streaming revenue + licensing revenue from the film work library.

According to Sony TV Forum, Sony did not get involved in the streaming platform wars like Netflix and Disney, but focused its resources on content production, IP acquisition, artists, and then licensed and distributed the content to major platforms.

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