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Started my journey as an eco-warrior at a young age: Bhumi Pednekar | Bollywood

Bhumi Pednekar recently spoke at the Climate Week in New York, USA. Though perturbed about not being able to attend the summit in person, she’s glad to have drawn the focus on the vital role India will play in global response to climate emergency.

She shares, “My session was about how people in places of power, including celebrities and influencers, can start a conversation at the centre stage. I also spoke about how I, as an individual, began my journey as a climate warrior and why I’m so passionate about it and the different ways we can create noise, spread information and awareness.”

Talking about how she, as a public figure, can help the cause, Pednekar says, “I’m an influencer. There are people who want to listen to me. I need to use that power to benefit humanity.”

The actor started her journey as an eco-warrior many years ago and believes that it is high time people start taking climate crisis seriously. “I started this journey at a young age and it has been a solo one. Climate change is real. We’re in a crisis and we need action right away. That can only happen when people from all walks of life come together and realise that this is the largest threat that humanity has ever faced,” she elaborates.

What makes the actor hopeful is climate change has finally become part of the mainstream narrative: “The news headlines in the last one month were primarily about forest fires in different countries. Various parts of India received extremely heavy rainfall this year. Monsoon is important but the way it happened this year. It has created widespread destruction of crops, properties and human and animal life. Today, natural calamities are man-made. Through the media and influencers, we can convert the way people think.”

So, what are the lifestyle changes that she has adopted? “I’m trying to lead a sustainable life. It’s not always easy and there are moments when I wonder if I’ve slipped. At home, I’m like a school teacher making sure that water doesn’t get wasted. We segregate our waste at the source. Single use plastics are a big no in my family. Even my vanity is single use plastic free. We make sure that plastics are recycled. We compost our wet waste at home and make fodder out of it. If I have to pick up coffee from an outlet, I take my reusable mug. I carry my own water bottle and cutlery,” Pednekar says.

She adds, “It’s not a life of inconvenience. You end up saving so much money and become guilt-free. It’s all about going 15 years back. We need to adapt ourselves to the life we lived a decade-and-a-half ago.”

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