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Spectruth's New Metaverse for Therapy Treatment Coming Soon.


Life Without Boundaries

Ukrainian “SAFE” not-for-profit Foundation commissioned Spectruth’s development of a 3D virtual therapy metaverse.

KYIV, KYIV OBLAST, UKRAINE, July 10, 2022 / — The future is bright for anyone seeking therapy despite lock-downs, lack of local therapists or high costs. “SAFE” Premier Therapy Clinic of Ukraine, a charitable foundation has commissioned a new 3D virtual therapy clinic for people worldwide to get diagnosed, receive therapy treatments, and attend group meetings online where there are no borders or language barriers.

Therapists from around the world will join this metaverse network and help clients worldwide from the convenience and safety of their own homes.

The 3D virtual clinic will be accessible by smart phones, tablets and computers. The metaverse’s unique features will be its use of real-time language translation, Web 3.0 optimization, cross platform avatar customization, artificial intelligent monitored and driven therapy sessions, blockchain data storage, and a proprietary virtual artificial intelligent companion “Robot”.

The automatic translation software will allow users to hear and read all communication in their native tongue and real-time regardless of the language being used by the other users. Not since the tale of the Tower of Babel has people from anywhere been able to speak with anyone else without language barriers.

Real-time translation software with Web 3.0 optimization will make the proprietary videos help people identify, treat, and understand every disorders very easy to access and understand. The treatment videos will be optimized for virtual reality where people can fully immerse themselves thus increasing their retention. People retain up to 75% of learned information when experienced verses 10% retained by reading alone.

Due to the high cost associated keeping personal data private and secure online, blockchain technology will be used.

An artificial intelligent engine will be utilized by Board Certified Behaviorists to analyze general data, treatments, and results to scientifically determine best treatment models. With Spectruth’s clinic being global, efficacies of different treatments used by different cultures and countries can be compared and recommended. For instance, with large data pools, we will be able to determine if the removal of heavy metals from the blood stream have an impact of autism treatment models. To date, there are countless treatments being administered worldwide for many disorders without proper large-scale accountability and testing. Spectruth will allow for the monitoring of such treatments and identifying if any have a true real-world impact.

The Robot will help new users sign-in for the first time and setup their accounts. Each user will be able to personalize their avatar and Robot companion. Their personalized Robot will help create appointments with therapists, suggest proprietary videos, administer diagnostic testing, and help them navigate the website.

After creating their account, the user will be introduced to the 3D virtual clinic. Its appearance will be similar to a modern Guggenheim. The first floor of the clinic will have a main waiting area, conference rooms, video library, 3D art, NFT art, and elevators to private therapy rooms.

A virtual helpdesk will allow users to search for upcoming conferences and lectures, virtual floorplan, new updates, community announcements, special offers, therapist information, affiliate promotions, and group events.

Elevators will lead people from the main area to the individual therapist’s office. Each clinician will have a customized room number where they can personalize their own workspace. Similar to the real world, therapists will be able to virtually meet with clients, perform diagnostic testing, develop treatments plans, and administer therapy sessions.

It is Spectruth’s goal that people get the needed help regardless of pandemics, politics, language barriers, and economic hardships. We develop 3D virtual reality education and therapy spaces and Web 3.0 optimized proprietary education videos. We are excited to announce that the “SAFE” Premier Therapy Clinic of Ukraine, a charitable foundation shares this vision. To learn more, please visit us

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