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“Sonu Sood launches Free Graduation Courses across streams.”

Sonu Sood who is known to serve society with his philanthropic work in the midst of the continuous pandemic, has as of late began another drive ‘Free Graduation Courses’.

Today this dawn when Sonu Sood, transmitted this incredible information about inaugurating the free graduation course evacuated every human outspoken.

Sonu Sood an Actor and a Philanthropist,

A very well understood for his courteous & social work amid the deadly virus that’s been going on around for a long time. The real idol, as people have started adoring him of his kind nature towards any human in the hunt for help.

This morning Sonu took Instagram to announce the free graduation courses across several streams.

Glancing at the people’s sorrow Sonu decided to support this endless deadly virus. The actor has instigated free graduation courses for the students so they can shine bright like a diamond and fly with remarkable careers in future. As he composed  “ Happy to launch FREE GRADUATION COURSES across streams.

Let’s empower the youth of India”  he cited on his Instagram this morning.

Sonu Sood did not only helped students with the Free Course but furthermore supported a lot of people who were enduring the fatal virus to withstand the anxiety of it & has helped a lot of citizens from the hospitals to the economic difficulties to replenishing oxygen & a shelter to stay for those who couldn’t afford it.  He has been a support system for several families during this epidemic.  He is passionately overseeing an affectionate committee with a powerful conception to begin again to fulfil the masses across the nation through his human effort.

Sonu 48, born & brought up in Punjab is an Indian actor, film producer, model, humanitarian & philanthropist. He received various awards as an actor and won a lot of hearts as a philanthropist.

Indian has received its superhero name since last year in Sonu Sood. Each & every mass today is super proud of Sonu Sood for his tremendous work. In recent times, cyclist & mountaineer Uma Singh climbed Africa’s tallest mountain Kilimanjaro & dedicated his victory to Sonu Sood.



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