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Sonu Sharma- From Peddling in the industry to becoming an Inspirational Speaker & Consultant.

Sonu share a successful motivational speaker in the industry with having 1.5 M followers on Instagram & more than 5M viewers on Facebook & YouTube leaves most of the people having an awestruck moment.

His followers on Facebook have religious followings as his teachings & sayings towards life & overcoming certain situations are magnificent.

Born & Brought up from Faridabad Haryana, in the year 1982 and has been very innovative since then. He is a very young & dynamic entrepreneur, business consultant & a motivational speaker. He is the founder of DYNAMIC GROUP INDIA. Today he is the youngest inspirational & motivational speaker that many of the youngsters look up to.

He is very enthusiastic & hardworking when it comes to life coaching & business.

His recent quote on the twitter he posted is about how talent & gift & making the choices, the quote that he mentioned “Talent is a gift, but character is a choice” most of his fans left exciting comments & likes on that particular post. A follower replied by saying “Yes, it is true, because knowledge will give you power but good character will give you respect”. Such motivational lines by Mr. Sharma leaves all the followers inspired every day.

Sonu Sharma started at a very young age, trying and working with different groups at NCR. He studied throughout and perceived a stronger knowledge from his favorite book “Geeta”. And with that he was just climbing the ladder of success and never backing down.

With good command over his language & uniqueness in his work he started preaching & contributing his experience over the YouTube & different social media has left his followers go gaga over it.

He embarked on social media & posted various videos of direct selling & many more containing various sorts of content. His idea & thoughts towards the nation is to empower the nation & get inspired.

He has 77.8 lakh subscribers on YouTube. There are almost thousands of people who benefited from the workshop Dynamic in most of the states as well and approximately there are 6M followers who heard his podcast online on various social media.

He was awarded a Gold plate by YouTube headquarters (USA), for being the youngest YouTube sensation. He spoke at over 750 events live and addressed top corporates & governments institutions & summits and conferences.

He recently posted a video on “ Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna” which means People would always say something about you, but it is okay, it is their job to talk about, and your job is to move forward & shine bright like a diamond, they would eventually get tired and stop.



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