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Sohrab Khushrushahi: On leg workouts and perfect posture

  • The star fitness strainer, popularly called @SohFit, on training after injury and improving your stance

By HT Brunch Team

PUBLISHED ON SEP 12, 2021 12:45 AM IST

Leg work

I don’t focus on leg workouts as I twisted my ankle six years ago and I feel it still pains at times. How can I overcome this?

—Shikhar V, Via email

Having been through a couple of ligament tears on my ankle, what I can say is you have to take your rehab seriously. Ignoring your leg day isn’t the answer though. You need to, in fact, work your legs, not necessarily with weights, to get better. Focus on doing unilateral (one leg at a time) work like split squats, single leg calf raises and deadlifts to improve balance, strength and stability. Consult a physiotherapist.

Posture perfect

I’m 6’2’’ and I slouch. Are there exercises I can do to help improve my posture?

—Akhil T, Via Instagram

Excercises will help your posture, but not drastically. Focus on doing more pull work (back-related exercises) instead of push (chest work), and be conscious of the way you sit and walk. There is no magic pill or exercise when it comes to improving posture, it’s just bad habits formed over time that need to be changed slowly every day.

@Sohfit, as he is commonly known, chucked a seven-figure job in finance to follow his passion for fitness. He currently trains some of Bollywood’s biggest stars


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