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Sixty-seven EMS Professionals to Be Honored as Stars of Life for their Life Saving Efforts at the State Capitol

These Stars of Life who serve our community exemplify the greatness and heroism of our industry.”

— California Ambulance Association (CAA) President Jimmy Pierson

SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2022 / — Sixty-seven paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), emergency medical dispatchers and other ambulance company personnel from across the State of California will be recognized as Stars of Life at the State Capitol on August 10, 2022. Their actions, whether from a single life-saving event or a career-long exemplary performance record, demonstrate they have stood out among their peers as the best of the best among California’s ambulance providers.

“These Stars of Life who serve our community exemplify the greatness and heroism of our industry,” said California Ambulance Association (CAA) President Jimmy Pierson. “Their stories demonstrate the courage, discipline and skill needed to remain calm under pressure while delivering basic and advanced life support care in the field.”

Among those being honored are:

Grace Colman (EMT) and Michael Majeski (Paramedic) who were providing Motocross standby services and provided care to a 32-year-old male who had fallen from his motocross bike at approximately 20 mph.

The patient was unable to feel his legs and indicated a 10/10 for pain to his back. Paramedic Corner demonstrated excellent scene management within a chaotic setting and ensured a quick response time to the patient. The patient was promptly transported Code 3 to UC Davis Medical Center with a trauma alert without incident.

Justin Johnson, EMT for Mercy Medical Transportation, Inc. is being honored for assisting Sherrif’s deputies in gaining control over a domestic violence suspect. After the incident, the Sheriff’s department reached out to both Justin and Mercy’s COO to let them know that had Justin not intervened it would have either cost the life of a deputy or the assailant. Justin went above and beyond his job duties and saved at least one life that day.

Aside from their core responsibilities of caring for those who fall victim to sudden illness or injury, some of this year’s Stars of Life recipients are being honored for their exemplary service.

Don Chaix, an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with Sierra Medical Services Alliance, has served his community by providing EMS services for the last 36 years as both an EMT for SEMSA and Fire Chief for the Cassell Fire Department.

In the morning, the Stars will be presented with a Star of Life medal. The Stars will be greeted by guest speakers including Acting Director of the California Emergency Medical Services Authority, Elizabeth Basnett and Survivor: Vanuatu contestant, Chad Crittenden. The day’s festivities will wrap up with an awards dinner at the Sheraton Grand Hotel where the Stars will receive their lapel pin and legislative certificates.

Founded in 1948, the California Ambulance Association represents the interests of emergency and non-emergency ambulance service providers serving nearly every county of the state of California. As healthcare’s first responders, the Association is dedicated to assuring the delivery of excellent pre-hospital care to the people of California by promoting recognized industry best practices.


Interview & Photo Opportunities:

Event Time Location

Stars are presented with their Stars of Life medals 8:30 a.m. Sheraton Grand Hotel – Sacramento

Group photo of Stars 9:30 a.m. Sheraton Grand Hotel – Sacramento

Stars Awards Dinner 6:00 – 8:00p.m. Sheraton Grand Hotel – Sacramento

To arrange for interviews, contact Rob Lawrence,

Executive Director at 661-644-7797 or email him at:


Jennifer Allen – Royal Ambulance

Haleigh Anne John – LifeLine EMS Ambulance Service

Rowena Aris – AmWest Ambulance

Justin Johnson – Mercy Medical Transportation, Inc.

Preet Bains – AlphaOne Ambulance

Natasha Kent – Medic Ambulance Service

Samantha Barakat – Royal Ambulance

Jolene Kopp – San Luis Ambulance

George Bostock – Medic Ambulance Service

Nicholas Landers – AlphaOne Ambulance

Jessica Brown – Medic Ambulance Service

Burton Lee – King American Ambulance

Dante Carrasco – LIFEwest Ambulance

Cyrena Leon-Guerrero – ProTransport-1

Edward Carter – Medic Ambulance Service

Lou Lewis – ProTransport-1

Don Chaix – Sierra Medical Services Alliance (SEMSA)

Michael Majeski – AlphaOne Ambulance

Michael Chinn – AlphaOne Ambulance

Tamaiah Massot – Public Safety Academy

Jesse Chircop – Royal Ambulance

Brendon Miramontes – ProTransport-1

Grace Coleman – AlphaOne Ambulance

Scott Morris – AlphaOne Ambulance

Katrina Corner – AlphaOne Ambulance

Nasir Nasir – Royal Ambulance

Wilfredo Dofredo – LifeLine EMS Ambulance Service

Robert Nelson – AlphaOne Ambulance

Nick Drake – San Luis Ambulance

Minji Noh – LIFEwest Ambulance

Maximiliano Duenas Perez – Riggs Ambulance Service (SEMSA)

Greg Petersen – Riggs Ambulance Service (SEMSA)

Dennis Flannery – Patterson District Ambulance

Paige Pieretti – AmWest Ambulance

AmberLyn Fox – AlphaOne Ambulance

Cassandra Rashleger – King American Ambulance

Ethan Garmon – AmbuServe Ambulance

Jessica Robins – Medic Ambulance Service

Meghan Genzler – Royal Ambulance

Roberto Sanchez – Patterson District Ambulance

Karin Grabchuk – AlphaOne Ambulance

Sonya Severo – Riggs Ambulance Service (SEMSA)

Tobin Gramyk – AlphaOne Ambulance

Mark Sims – AlphaOne Ambulance

Kiarra Grant – King American Ambulance

Destiny Skinner – ProTransport-1

Wesley Graves – AmbuServe Ambulance

Stacy Sottero – ProTransport-1

Sarah Halnon – ProTransport-1

Katie Spring – Royal Ambulance

Christopher Hanze – Royal Ambulance

Nichole Sternquist – LifeLine Ambulance

Jessica Harrison – Mercy Medical Transportation, Inc.

Tim Taylor – ProTransport-1

Thomas Hector – American Legion Post No. 108 Ambulance

Angel Taylor – Medic Ambulance Service

Jennifer Henson – ProTransport-1

Angelo Tutol – LifeLine EMS Ambulance Service

Steven Herlocker – Medic Ambulance Service

Briana Villa – ProTransport-1

Mayra Hernandez Mendez – Riggs Ambulance Service (SEMSA)

Michele Watanabe – ProTransport-1

Jim Hopkins – LIFEwest Ambulance

Ryan Williams – Medic Ambulance Service

Caitlyn Humphrey – AmbuServe Ambulance

Andrew Wong-Rolle – Mercy Medical Transportation, Inc.

Brittany Item – Royal Ambulance

Rob Lawrence
California Ambulance Association
+1 916-239-4095
email us here

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