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Sheraki ($heraki) Announces the Release Date of the Western Bhangra Part 2 Video Song of the Evolution Album

October 28: Sheraki (mostly known online as $heraki) put the poster of Western Bhangra Part 2 on his social media accounts. It’s been a long time since this music video was released. Due to the immense popularity of the song, it was released in a different version which is available only on various music streaming platforms. It’s a part of his Evaluation Album.

Western Bhangra Part 1 music videos have been around for a long time. All Sheraki fans were delighted with the music video. Western Bhangra Part 2 was also released last year, but only audio was omitted, not video.

Finally, the video of Western Bhangra Part 2 from the Evaluation Album will be released on 12th November 2022. Sheraki announced the release of Western Bhangra Part 2 through her Instagram account. Sheraki was recently in conversation with Bollywood journalist Rahul Varun, founder of The Filmy Charcha, where he spoke of his upcoming video and much more.

When asked about his experience of the Western Bhangra Part 2 shooting set, he said, “To be on the shooting set of Western Bhangra Part 2, it was a lot of fun. Especially because we rarely meet each other in our busy lives, but whenever we meet, we have a wonderful time interacting and spending time together”.

The audio recording of Western Bhangra Part 2 was made available in 2021. The song, Western Bhangra Part 2, is written by Deep Nangal and produced by SA K Beats. Fly High, a Canadian-born Pakistani Rapper, is the director of Western Bhangra Part 2.

Sheraki, commonly known online as $heraki, is a famous Punjabi singer, sound engineer, and rapper. He has produced many Punjabi songs that have gathered a lot of love and appreciation from Punjabi music lovers.

Sheraki was born in Pakistan and, along with his family, immigrated to Canada in 2001. Sheraki has published numerous music albums under well-known music labels. On YouTube, his song Sawa Lakh received 2.5 million views.

In the early stage of his career, Sheraki also got to work with the legendary musician Naseebo Lal. The most well-known song by Sheraki was Roya Karenga, which Nassebo Lal sang. The song, Roya Karenge, has 2.1 million YouTube views.

Talking about working with Naseebo Lal, he said, “To me, Roya Karenga will always be a special project. Being able to work with Naseebo Lal was such a privilege and honor for me. Undoubtedly, it was a dream project for me. I’m hoping we can collaborate for many more songs in the future.”

Arbaaz Khan composed the music for the lovely song “Roya Karenga,” and Arsal Khan directed the music video. The song is shot in beautiful locations in Montreal, Canada.

Punjabi music enthusiasts loved the song. That was un-debatably Sheraki’s turning point in his music career. Sheraki completed his education at the École Secondaire St-Laurent in Montreal, Canada. Then, to improve his rapping and singing, he enrolled in a music class. In 2016, Sheraki opened a YouTube channel of his own where he uploads music. Currently, his YouTube channel has 1.65K subscribers.



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