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Sexiest & Hottest Pictures of Genelia D’Souza Deshmukh!

Genelia D’Souza Deshmukh is a well-known Indian actress and producer. She has starred in many Hindi films, and is considered one of the most popular actresses in the country. D’Souza was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, on August  5th, 1987.

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Genelia D’Souza, a young woman from Mumbai, India, has amassed a large social media following due to her popular Instagram account which features pictures of her and her friends. The account has more than 10.9 million followers and has been shared on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Some of the most popular posts include pictures of D’Souza and her friends posing with wild animals or in front of scenic locations.

Genelia D’Souza Deshmukh is one of the sexiest and hottest Indian actresses in the industry today. She has an amazing body that any man would love to have lying next to him in bed. Her photos are always very sexy and she always looks great in whatever she wears. She is definitely a babe that every man should watch out for!

Genelia D’Souza Deshmukh is the wife of Riteish Deshmukh, an actor, model and entrepreneur. The couple met while they were both students at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Pune. They married in a traditional Hindu ceremony in Mumbai in 2012.


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