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‘Senior living communities gaining prominence in post-Covid world’

The crisis orginating from the coronavirus disease (Covid-19)  pandemic has made many understand the need for dedicated spaces for senior citizens where assisted-care is available, and provisions are made for them to enjoy retirement the way it is meant to be. This has given rise to new models of senior housing, rapidly increasing across key geographies of the country. This also suggests that senior population is opting for places which meet their parameters for living a carefree retired life along with meeting the hopes of their next of kin, who want comfortable living for their older family members. As per a report by HelpAge India, 20% of India’s population will consist of senior citizens, by the year 2050, giving a fillip to real estate industry by enabling quality senior living infrastructure that safeguards the interests of elderly, in the post-Covid era. 

The reason senior housing societies are getting ample preference in the current times is that it caters to adults aged 55 and above through exclusively designed set-up and devoted staff. These dedicated societies understand the value of golden years and how it is a special time for the aging cohort. Therefore, these facilities take care of key elements such as taking care of one’s mental agility attained by befriending books in the library, having lively conversations with like-minded people or by attending classes for cooking, dancing, artsand more, keeping at bay the everyday worries and strife. 

As per a study by Agewell Foundation, a non-governmental organization, in May this year, around 82.4% elderly were dealing with health anxiety issues due to rising Covid-19 cases and fatalities around them. Therefore, such dedicated spaces are the need of the hour that are highly particular about hygiene practices, have robust systems in place for medical care and offer convenient services ensuring our elderly live a fuller life. These communities are gaining huge acceptance asseniors’ function sufficiently well in like-minded environment, where they are independent and active than being in a remote atmosphere. 

Senior living is the right choice!

Bonding with friends and family: The senior living communities are the perfect abode to create nurturing interactions between friends and family members. These facilities are the formation of strong community connects that helps in enhancing the quality of life among residents. In this context, Ashiana senior living goes above and beyond so that residents can connect with each other and focus on rekindling their hobbies and grow with the fulfilment of their passions. At Ashiana, one can host their children, grandchildren, and other family members as and when they want, creating long-lasting memories.

Healthcare facilities: Assisted living and amenities best suited in the interest of senior citizens are critical in today’s time, keeping in mind their health and wellness needs. This factor gained umpteen attention since last year when we were hit by the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are provisions made in these senior living communities for medical support with trained medical staff to handle the SOS requirements.

Easy to get around: Daily chore management facilities such as grooming support, laundry, housekeeping, and provisions should be in hand’s reach. Senior living communities provide hassle-free living wherein these daily chores are being taken care of.

Freedom of living and security: Senior living encourages independence. With more freedom and security, seniors have all the liberty to live fuller lives by pursuing their interests without the worries of safety. For instance, at Ashiana senior living, homes are monitored 24×7 by CCTV cameras in public areas as well as with security guards. This means one does not have to worry about anything as help is right at hand when one requires it.

The virus has reshaped the senior living concept and provided it the significance, it never received before. Gradually, this segment is witnessing steady growth as the elderly and their children are understanding the value of these spaces in enhancing an individual’s overall well-being. With Ashiana Housing’s rich experience in active senior living in India, our projects in Bhiwadi, Chennai and Lavasa are built to comfort seniors, so that they can make the most of their silver years without compromising on the quality of life. 

(Ankur Gupta is chairman and co-founder of Association of Senior Living India, a pan-India association working for the development of senior care sector in the country. He is also the joint managing director of Ashiana Housing Limited)

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