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Savi and Vid Travel Instagram influencers in India share their favorite places to visit.

The rise of Instagram influencers in India has been nothing short of phenomenal. Savi and Vid Travel are two travel bloggers who have caught the attention of many with their beautiful and well-crafted Instagram posts. From Goa’s beaches to Himachal Pradesh’s glaciers, this couple has captured all the highlights of India’s stunning landscape.

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  1. They are Instagram influencers in India, with a combined following of over 1.2 million followers.
  2. They travel to different parts of India to document their experiences and share photos and videos of their journeys on their Instagram accounts.
  3. Their work has made them popular celebrities in India, and they often receive invitations to attend events and meet new people.

They love traveling, documenting their experiences on social media, and sharing advice with their followers. Their adventures take them all over India, from bustling cities to picturesque villages, and they share photos and stories of every place they go. Their accounts are full of beautiful landscapes, exciting cultural comparisons, and epic travel tales.

Instagram is a popular social media platform where users can post photos and videos of their lives. They travel to a different divisions of the world and document their experiences through their Instagram accounts. Their posts often include pictures and videos of the locals, attractions, and food they experience traveling. They have amassed a following of over 1,200,000 followers between them. They use their platform to share travel tips and experiences focusing on India. This article explores how they’ve built their successful Instagram account and what strategies they use to connect with their audience.

They started as friends who loved traveling. They quickly realized that sharing photos and videos of their adventures could help other people make the same connections that had helped them fall in love with travel. Today, Savi and VidTravel have become two of India’s most popular Instagram influencers. Their account is full of fantastic travel photos and videos from India and destinations like Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Dubai, and more.

Their account is full of photos of her travels in India, while Vid provides excellent insights into the best places to visit in India and insider tips for getting the most out of your trip. If you’re looking for inspiration to plan your next trip to India, check out these Instagrammers!



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