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Satya Pal Malik attacks Centre over farmers protest Condolence even when a dog dies remark latest updates

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Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik

Satya Pal Malik statement: Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik has once again attacked the Centre over the ongoing farmers protest. Speaking at an event in Jaipur on Sunday, Malik said leaders in Delhi send condolence messages even when a dog dies, however, they are not bothered about the death of farmers. 

“Till date, such a big movement has never happened. 600 people have been martyred in the farmers’ movement so far. When an animal dies, there comes a condolence message from the leaders of Delhi. 600 of our farmers were martyred, but no message came from Delhi,” Malik said in a no holds barred attack. 

“Leaders in Delhi had sent condolence message for five-seven people who died in a fire in the hospital in Maharashtra,” he went on to add. 

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Malik said he is not afraid of stepping down from the Governor’s chair. 

“The day they tell me that they have a problem and ask me to quit, I will not take a minute. I am not a governor by birth.

I am always ready to lose what I have but I cannot leave my commitment. I can quit the post but cannot see farmers suffering and getting defeated,” the Meghalaya Governor said.

This is not for the first time that Satya Pal Malik has criticised the BJP-led Government at the Centre over the three farm laws. 

In March this year, Satya Pal Malik had said that none of the new farm laws were in favour of the farmers. 

“None of the laws are in favour of farmers. A country in which farmers and soldiers are not satisfied, that country cannot move ahead. That country cannot be saved. Hence, the Army and farmers should be kept satisfied,” Malik had said urging PM Modi and Home Minister Ami Shah ‘not to offend the farmers’.

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