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Sara Ali Khan on possibility of being bracketed for her sense of humour: I am funny and other things

Sara Ali Khan is one of the most popular actors in Bollywood among the current lot. Apart from impressing fans with her acts on the big screen, Sara has also managed to win over their hearts with her candid persona and goofy sense of humour. From her ‘knock-knock’ jokes to her ‘Namaste Darshaks’ series featuring rhyming lines, Sara keeps netizens entertained on social media. In a recent interview, Sara opened up about the love she has received from  the audience in recent times. The actress also talked about the possibility of being bracketed as ‘only funny’ due to her humorous nature. 

In a chat with Mashable India, when asked if the actress feels bracketed due to being in the middle of different generations like Millennials, and Gen Z, Sara said that audiences love her for her unabashed nature as a person. “After Kedarnath and Simmba, I got a lot of love and appreciation and I seem to realize that it was more for the person I am than for the actor that I am. I think that people see that there is an unfiltered, unabashed nature to the kind of person I am, and therefore, I don’t think it’s anybody’s attempt to fit me into any bracket at all.”

Sara further expressed what actually concerns her at the moment. She said that she is trying to be mindful so that people don’t get so involved with her humour that they forget she’s an actor as well. “I think that humour and comedy is great, but it should be complemented with and supported by an honest body of work. She further revealed that she did not give any interviews the previous year as she believed she had nothing substantial relating to work that she could talk about, either in humour, or in a serious manner.

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Continuing further Sara articulated that there’s more to her than just being funny and people tend to forget that. Sara said, “I do think that I am funny, I do think I am bindass, I do think that I am stupid also, but I don’t think that it means that I am unable to be deep, or emotional, or even intelligent.” 

Sara stated that people’s memory spans tend to be shorter. Giving an example, she said that she posted a picture of graduating from Columbia four years back, whereas she posted a picture of herself the previous day, so people could have reduced her to just being funny. “Whereas I think that I am funny and other things,” Sara concluded. 

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