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Sapio Analytics, Prime International Joint Venture Launches AI Surveillance for Critical Infrastructure

Government Advisory firm Sapio Analytics, headquartered in Mumbai, and global technology group Prime International, headquartered in Sao Paulo Brazil, have joined hands to transform security and surveillance for public places, critical infrastructure and other government infrastructure.


AI Surveillance in action at the entry of a port


Introducing the concept of first-of-its-kind artificially intelligent security and surveillance systems to India, this venture is expected to focus on ports, railway stations, airports, offshore sites, critical plants, traffic management, and various public places.


Through a combination of inter-connected IoT hardware systems, the solution is able to identify threats or anomalies and predict or simulate the future, with recommendations on actions to thwart the threats of all types, human or system. Data driven artificial intelligence is used to extract information, analyze and recommend policies for future monitoring, including suggestions on resource optimization and planning.


A statement from the venture says, “COVID-19 has created a new world, where surveillance needs to be augmented by new age technologies. Security needs to be strengthened with deep learning capabilities empowering the human resources. Our systems include intelligent video processing systems, decision support systems, predictive intelligence, image processing systems, GPRS trackers, and domain specific surveillance algorithms. Our modular offerings are already active in Europe, USA and South America, and with India-specific intelligence, we are now entering India.


Access control, queue management and monitoring of people in public places is expected to increase in the post-pandemic world. “Artificial intelligence and other new age technologies offered by Sapio Analytics shall augment the outputs of these systems and help create government policies around better people monitoring and surveillance,” adds the statement.


Artificially Intelligent Surveillance is the major solution by this venture backed by the Law Enforcement and Intelligence division of Sapio Analytics, which is led by Dr. B S Tiwary, former Director of Civil Aviation Security and a Principal Advisor to Sapio Analytics.


Sapio Analytics operates through a group of entities including its law enforcement and intelligence division, heritage division, economic growth division, and smart healthcare division. Law Enforcement Division of Sapio Analytics is also partnered with cybercrime investigation expert Govind Ray and his company Dinosys, working closely with various law enforcement agencies across India.



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