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Samastipur Citizens can Now Take the Services of Doorstep Wash in the City, Shakeb Rahman

New Delhi (India), January 09: Mr. Arunabh Patil has partnered with Doorstep Wash to become a franchise partner and launch their franchise in Samastipur on 25th December. Doorstep Wash is a well-known name in the car cleaning and detailing industry. DSW has put in all the effort to turn itself into a household brand. The company already runs ver 100 franchises across the country and is planning to come up with over 30 more franchises in India. Doorstep Wash has its largest base in India, Turkey and Nepal, and the company is also looking to expand its business in Asia.

Doorstep Wash is a door-to-door service provider in the field of car cleaning. It has a presence in several cities in India. DSW not only gives cleaning services but also gets the car detailed for you at your doorstep. Doorstep Wash has launched its franchise in Samastipur to let the citizens take advantage of their services. With this launch, the company is also looking to make more relationships with customers.

The concept of Doorstep Wash evolved after witnessing the challenges people face when they take their cars to the service stations, and this problem-solving approach became our unique selling property. From traffic jams to the unproductive hours spent at these stations to the odd locations are just a few of the challenges people face. After the launch of Doorstep Wash, these challenges were minimized. The company has also launched its online platform, which makes it convenient to book its services. Once the service is booked, a customer has to wait for our technicians to arrive at their doorsteps with their portable machines and get the service completed.

The expansion journey of our company, Doorstep Wash has been successful till here. The company is now giving a shoutout to the entrepreneurs to become their franchise partners and invest in our low-investment and high-income model.



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