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Salman Ahmad Awan, a motivational speaker from Pakistan.

Salman Ahmad Awan is an extremely renowned motivational speaker from Pakistan and a social media activist.

Salman was born on 8th May 2001 and brought up by his parents in Pakistan. His father is a living legend Muhammad Mohsin Nawaz, who was diagnosed with polio paralysis at the age of 2 and retina division when he was 13 years old. Mr. Nawaz later became the first Radio & TV Host with multiple disabilities. He is also the Executive Director of a Famous Rehabilitation Centre of Pakistan”.

Salman’s parents brought him in a way that started knowing things about psychology & personality.

His parents always taught him good deeds and always took his opinion to decide things at home.

At the age of 9, he recorded a news bulletin by a Nokia phone where he got his identity from there as a lot of publications started showing the video clips in different news channels which went viral on social media.

Salman never visualises that he would be a motivational speaker one day. He decides to use social media in a correct way where he & his brother decide to post educational posts on social media to let the people know who is in the wrong direction. His older brother Ali Ahmad Awan took this crucial walk ahead.

By the age of 14 , Salman started recording motivational videos at this young age he decided to do something very essential & important. He started making videos on moral stories & tips for students to follow. A lot of educational institutions saw his videos and were surprised to see a young boy delivering information on education. This is truly precious

He earned several recognitions in Pakistan encompassing the “ pride of Pakistan ” and the best social media activist award. His speeches he delivered at the university of agriculture Faisalabad went viral on YouTube and came across 6 million views so far.

Salman’s wish is to get all the youth & youngsters to a healthy and purposeful life where they could have a positive vision.

He has around 100k followers on Facebook and 55k subscribers on YouTube.

Salman did his intermediary in Psychology and is now seeking a BS Hons in psychology from FC college in Lahore.

He requests each and every youngsters to read psychology as the coming time would affect their mental health and he says that we as a society it is important to talk about it because depression & anxiety are affecting most of the students as they are losing hopes.

Real stars like Salman Ahmad Awan are a big profit to our society and to the youth.




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