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Saira Banu made her Instagram debut on Dilip Kumar’s death anniversary, shared an emotional note

News oi-Priya Tomar | Published: Friday, July 7, 2023, 15:05 [IST]

Dilip Kumar’s death anniversary: ​​Hindi cinema’s veteran actress Saira Banu has made her Instagram debut on the death anniversary of superstar husband Dilip Kumar. Syro Banu shares an emotional post for Dilip Kumar with her Instagram debut and remembers him. After this post surfaced, everyone is giving their reactions on it. Neeyat Leaked: Big shock to makers, Vidya Balan’s film leaked on websites after release! In the first post, Saira Banu has shared two beautiful pictures in memory of her husband and great actor Dilip Kumar. Saira Banu has shared a sher in Urdu with beautiful pictures of herself and Dilip Kumar. This lion is, ‘I should do something for the peace of my heart, I should salute those who meet me for a moment, I am not conscious, you give me advice, from where should I start the trap, where should I do it.’ In the caption, Saira further writes, ‘I am writing this note on July 7 especially to express my gratitude to the well wishers and dearest friends from all over the world, who till date have showered me and Dilip Sahab with immense love. . His everlasting memory, love and respect for my Kohinoor Dilip Kumar Sahab. The matter did not end here, further the actress wrote, ‘Even today I feel that he is with me, and no matter what happens, we are still walking the path of life together, hand in hand, our thoughts united. , until the end of time. Dilip Sahab has been a revered guide in my life, and a light to all generations who have moved forward in their lives, exemplified by his gracious presence and personality.’ Evergreen actress Saira Banu further wrote in praise of her late husband, ‘He has been the greatest actor ever and a great human being, who is a true picture of humility with dignity.’ Special posts of Saira Banu are becoming increasingly viral on the internet, fans are liking it a lot. Significantly, the pair of Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar was one of the most discussed pairs. Saira Banu became emotional remembering Dilip Kumar on Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday, anniversary is on the same day, Amitabh Bachchan announced his heir, Saira Banu’s pain broke out – this week stars spoke openly Dilip Kumar’s death anniversary: ​​Saira Banu Wrote an emotional letter, “I hide my face in the pillow so that Saheb may come.” Saira Banu said in pain – I do not want to leave the house, Saira Banu remembered the last meeting of Dilip Saheb and Lata Mangeshkar, the brother-sister talk was closed for 13 years. Caught my hand, Dilip Kumar’s Twitter account will be closed forever, decision taken with the consent of Saira Banu! Saira Banu’s health is improving, she is resting at home after being discharged from the hospital, family friend gave an update. Bano admitted to ICU, Admit Dilip Kumar died 3 days ago after his health deteriorated – Saira Banu expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray Stay updated with every news of the film industry and get movie reviews Allow Notifications You have already subscribed English summary Saira Banu has made her Instagram debut on the death anniversary of superstar husband Dilip Kumar. Syro Banu shares an emotional post for Dilip Kumar with her Instagram debut…. Story first published: Friday, July 7, 2023, 15:05 [IST]


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