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Rick Justus announces two Titan-themed Gigaprojects

Artist’s idea of the Cassini spacecraft and Saturn’s giant moon Titan. Picture by way of NASA/JPL-Caltech.

Saturn, as seen from Titan. Picture by way of Getty.

Cassini took this picture of Saturn’s moon Titan in 2012.

Cassini captures Titan’s dunes and different floor options in new photos.

Daylight glints off of Titan’s northern seas this near-infrared, shade mosaic from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. (NASA/JPL/Univ. Arizona/Univ. Idaho)

A Futuristic Titan-themed Resort is Coming to Texas

I wish to see humanity inhabit Titan in my lifetime. I would positive get pleasure from including this to my document of miracles! However I will accept a floating metropolis above it.”

— Rick Justus

TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 6, 2023/ — Rick Justus simply formally introduced 3 new gigaprojects underneath AN’s 10X Area (economic system) initiative to exponentially speed up the trail to house for billions of our fellow human beings and the terraforming of Titan.

Two of those gigaprojects are Titan-themed: Titan Resorts and Terraform Titan.

“Mars is cool. However I choose Titan, particularly when you think about its proximity to Earth, low radiation, and ample system of moons. After Earth, it’s essentially the most liveable place in our photo voltaic system. Curiously, the ’20’ years that the Cassini spacecraft spent in house satisfied me of this,” says Justus.

On a scale of 1 to passionate, Rick is past captivated with Titan. Justus passionately exclaims, “The human race is destined to grow to be a multiplanetary species. How else can we really attain our full potential? Within the ample context of maximizing our human and financial potential, think about what 80 billion individuals may do as a substitute of right now’s 8 billion.”

“Titan, the most important moon of Saturn and the second largest within the Photo voltaic System, possesses an abundance of the entire parts essential to help life, together with atmospheric nitrogen and methane, liquid methane, liquid water and ammonia, and atmospheric strain one and a half occasions that of Earth.”

“Right here’s a sneak preview of my Titan dream: Let’s make our ‘horizon purpose’ the institution of a self-sustaining metropolis on Titan by 2070, with a human floor touchdown on Mars a milestone on the trail to our long-term vacation spot.”

Justus provides, “In fact, getting people to Titan in a well timed method is a giant hurdle to leap. It took the Cassini spacecraft 7 years to achieve Saturn. Contemplating the radiation – and microgravity – associated well being points (together with psychological points) related to a 7-year flight, we’d have to discover a solution to get people to Titan in underneath a 12 months.”

At AN (Considerable Nations), one among Justus’s priorities will probably be quick propulsion techniques. Warp drives often is the stuff of science fiction, but there are some compelling propulsion prospects presently in growth that would pave our solution to the celebs reminiscent of quantum thrusters, Ion drives, and EM drives.

Justus is hoping these quick propulsion techniques dramatically speed up humanity turning into a multiplanetary species, interplanetary journey, and our fullest abundance potential.

To broaden international participation, Justus simply launched Gigaproject: Titan Resorts. He goals to construct the Titan-themed resort in Texas the place he’s constructing the world’s first 2K skyscraper, first ample metropolis, and new world financial capital.

Moreover, he simply launched Gigaproject: 1% to get each nation to dedicate 1% of their complete price range to 10X’ing the house economic system.

Identical to AN’s Gigaproject: 1MB (1 Million Billionaires), every part Justus does isn’t simply wildly nutty, it’s 1,000% genuine and extremely strategic.

“The response to our endeavors in house has both been of the ‘isn’t this cool’ selection or has been characterised as a logo of inequality. However the worth of our endeavors in house goes infinitely past this. The pondering and applied sciences we develop on our solution to turning into a multiplanetary species could have unprecedented human profit. Sure, even right here on Earth. Please hear me: I really like Earth. After serving to greater than 23,000 world leaders scale exponentially, right here’s what I do know: How massive we predict, how far we predict, and the way exponentially affected person we’re determines the facility and scale of our creation,” says Justus.

“Mark my phrases, touring all throughout the universe and creating an area economic system will additional reveal this: Abundance is the reality. It’ll additionally exponentially speed up infinitely scalable creations (options) for abundance on earth similar to NASA’s idea of extracting protein from skinny air.”

Each gigaproject Justus launches is to meet AN’s imaginative and prescient: To resolve (and maintain) abundance for humanity.

“I maintain out enduring hope that there will probably be a day when abundance is solved for each human, and the house economic system is a important piece to this,” says Justus.

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