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Retired D.C. Cop Receives Patent For Product To Prevent Police Shootings of Unarmed Motorist

Creating a pardon program for drivers and creating accountability for cops.

I was with my nine year old in N Y when pulled over by a cop who approached me with his hands on his gun, had it not been for his partner who recognized me, who knows what would’ve happened!”

— Stephan A. Smith, ESPN

MESA, ARIZONA, USA, April 22, 2022 / — Retired D.C. Police Detective, Inventor and Founder of Project Safe Hands, James A. Bethel —Recently received a utility patent for his Traffic Stop, Safety Visibility Mitts that will help prevent shootings of unarmed motorist by police on traffic stops. Bethel is founder of Project Safe Hands ( PHS – a group of retired law enforcement) that teaches motorist how to survive what many consider, ‘The Dreaded Traffic Stop.’ “The mitts are a commonsensical solution to a serious problem long overdue, especially on nighttime traffic stops when a walking cane can resemble a rifle.

The mitts are made of high visibility reflective mesh, designed to cover only the fingers, leaving the thumbs exposed. This makes it extremely difficult to conceal or fire a weapon. The mitts will be connected by a four inch chord, keeping the hands in close proximity to each other. This creates a safer environment for cops and motorist. According to Bethel the only problem they had, was how to promote the mitts and get motorist to use them. Welcome to the True Blue Card, good for one traffic pardon, not to include but not limited to violations of D.U.I. and Reckless Driving, at the officer’s discretion.

“When stopped, the motorist puts on Safe Hands places them out the driver’s side window, admits guilt and at the point when the officer asked for license and registration, gives the True Blue Pardon Card. The officer takes the card, gives a verbal pardon, mails it, along with his business card to the address on the reverse side of the card, making him or her eligible for a cash award. Proceeds from the sale of Safe Hands and donations to PHS benefits the families of cops killed in the line of duty while making traffic stops, The Wounded Warriors and Wrongful Death Victims.”

The pardon program will start in early May, in Arizona and the D.C. area, then go nationwide. This project will save lives, foster better relationships and cut down on verbal exchange and terrifying shouts of SHOW ME YOUR HANDS.” There’s no exchange of money for the True Blue Card — packaged with Safe Hands, with a value of $250 and up and our way of saying thanks to the motorist for using them.

Our initial focus will be educating high school and HBCU student drivers and pro athletes that are often mistaken for or wrongfully profiled as drug dealers because of the expensive cars they drive. Successful black males especially have that problem and are really starting to speak up. According to ESPN Talk Show Host, Stephen A. Smith “I was with my nine year old daughter in New York and was pulled over by a cop who approached me with his hands on his gun and if it hadn’t been for his partner who recognized me, I don’t know what would’ve happened!” Hopefully nothing would’ve happened but that’s the kind of fear that’s been perpetrated by some cops. This is the gap that needs to be bridged and it won’t be by any politician unless their name is Val Deming they know nothing about police work.

WARNING: Districts, precincts or divisions employing officers with multiple complaints of racism, brutality or sustained allegations of misconduct shall be deemed ineligible for cash awards. This will greatly, create accountability among the ranks while highlighting the fact that good cops, by far, still outnumber the bad.

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