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Reshma Patil Cured Diastasis Recti And Lost 12.5 Kg Through Homemade Diet And No-equipment Workout With S2 Fitness Club

She managed to recover from serious post-partum health complications without surgery

Reshma Patil, a mother of two healthy kids, gracefully tackled post-partum health complications by following a homemade diet and online fitness classes with no equipment. A member of the S2 Fitness Club, she took up the diet and workout plan after her second delivery. Reshma has managed to lose 12.5 kg in a span of 3 months, going from 63 kg to 49.5 kg.

After going through two c-section surgeries, Reshma’s second pregnancy was much worse than the first. She suffered from diastasis recti, a health complication that separates the patient’s rectus abdominis (the “six-pack” muscles), which meet at the stomach’s midline. Reshma’s diastasis recti was accompanied by bloating, lower back pain, poor posture, and tremendous mental strain, with two kids to look after. Her doctor suggested surgery to treat the health issue.

However, things started taking a turn for the better when she came across the S2 Fitness Club through a popular Facebook group, PULA. She joined the club with the intention of getting back in shape after pregnancy. Little did she know this would end up solving all her health complications within a few months.

S2 Fitness Club’s diet and workout program allowed Reshma to start her journey towards complete recovery without leaving her home. She received a new diet plan every day, consisting of healthy homemade food. All her online fitness classes were devoid of any equipment.

Ankita Srivastava and Nitin Sharma, the founders of the S2 Fitness Club, guided her every step of the way as she regained a healthy body. Mrs Ankita always advised Reshma against starving to lose weight as such weight loss is never sustainable. The team of S2 Fitness Club ensured that she lost weight while eating to her heart’s content.

Reshma found complete support and inspiration from her husband in her journey, something that she will always cherish. Within a few months, her back pain vanished, and her stomach pain reduced, making her feel healthier and happier. When she visited her doctor after following S2 Fitness Club’s diet and workout regime, she was told that she no longer needed surgery as she had successfully tackled diastasis recti.

Reshma is still an active member of the S2 Fitness Club and follows all routines religiously. Looking back at her transformation journey, she wants to tell women under similar circumstances that it is possible to regain a fit and healthy body after pregnancy. She says, “All you need is never-ending dedication and consistency. A little push in the direction of your well-being always goes a long way. I advise all mothers to ignore the assumption that they won’t get their well-toned bodies after pregnancy. If you want anything bad enough and have the right mentors to give the much-needed push, you can achieve any goal in life!”




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