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Recipe: Move over regular desserts this Diwali and serve Rosette De Leche

It is no secret that the past year and a half of Covid-19 lockdown has taught us how to use fresh, local ingredients to cook our own meals as ordering food from outside was off imagination and since we can taste the difference when one uses really fresh seasonal ingredients, we thought of whipping up our own Diwali desserts this festive week. Uplift the celebratory mood this Diwali with an exquisite fusion of flavours that come together in Rosette De Leche to make the most delightful dessert.

You see, with more time to bake and to cook as we were asked to work from home or were furloughed while coming in and out of lockdowns, we have polished our kitchen skills and straightened our chef’s hat. As Diwali is just round the corner, we decided to move over regular desserts and serve Rosette De Leche.

Check out this easy recipe below to whip Rosette De Leche with love and enjoy it with friends.

Ingredients for mawa:

Milk 3.5 % fat (reduced to 628gm Mawa)- 3 litres

Water- 1625 gms

Ghee- 125 gms

Grain Sugar- 125 gms

Ingredients for final mixing:

Grain Sugar- 100 gms

Cardamom Powder- 10 gms

Ingredients for garnish:

Dehydrated Rose Petals- 400 gms

Cold Glaze- 200 gms

Gold Leaf- 3 sheets


Boil the milk in a kadai. Reduce the flame, continue cooking and scraping at bottom of the kadai to avoid the milk to burn. Continue cooking milk untill redused to 1/4th of the total quantity of the milk or till it get the thick mass.

Once mawa is ready add sugar and water. Continue cooking. During this process water will start evaporating and the milk solids will start turning brown. Continue cooking, till it reaches a thick batter like consistency.

Add ghee in 3 part and simultaneously continue stirring the mixer. Add more ghee after the first one has been completely absorbed by the mixer. Continue with the same process till the time ghee in the recipe is fully absorbed in the recipe.

Rest for a 24hrs. at room temperature for the mixture to set. Add the second part of sugar and cardamom. Just combine with hands. For making dehydrated rose petals, place red rose leaves on a non-stick mat and dry at 75°C for 4hrs. 

Store in airtight container. Next day add little melted ghee in case the mixture is too dry to bind. Portion the dough to 20gm each. Shape to a round ball. Roll the laddu on cold glaze, next roll over dehydrated rose petals. 

Finish with golden leaves. Store at room temperature.

(Recipe: Chef Himanshu Taneja, Culinary Director, South Asia, Marriott International)


Rose petals have antioxidants that work to protect the body from cell damage while their polyphenols content reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cognitive diseases. They are helpful in nourishing the body from the inside out courtesy their low-calorie content and being rich in water and Vitamins A and E.

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