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Recipe: Make hearts sing with Ankurit Gehun ka Halwa or Caramelized Wheat Halwa

All the halwa recipes, whether they are of gajar ka halwa, moong halwa, sooji halwa or wheat flour halwa, ar ealmost similar to one another except for their variety of ingredients. Indians can vouch that home tastes like halwa and as monsoons pour their heart out, let the tremendously tantalising recipe of Ankurit Gehun ka Halwa or Caramelized Wheat Halwa seal the cosy feeling of love in the air.

In the quest to give our taste buds a pop of health, we stumbled upon a recipe of Ankurit Gehun ka Halwa which promises to make our hearts sing. Sweet tooth is underrated, if you too possess a sweet jaw like us, check out this easy recipe of Ankurit Gehun ka Halwa or Caramelized Wheat Halwa below and thank us later.


250 gm wheat extract

2.5 litres milk

250 gm mawa

250 gms sugar

150 gms condensed milk

400 gms cow ghee

1 pinch saffron

1 tsp kewra water

1 pinch grated nutmeg

8-10 pistachio

8-10 green cardamoms

15 ml sunflower oil for brushing the pan


Take germinated wheat made from 500 gms whole wheat grains. Wash and grind the germinated wheat using some water, now pass through muslin cloth to obtain the wheat extract.

In a kadhai, add milk and wheat extract cook on a slow flame stirring constantly, to obtain the right consistency.

When the milk is reduced to half, add mawa stirring constantly to blend to a smooth mixture. Then add saffron, kewra water and sugar.

While adding sugar the mixture will start thickening time to add ghee and stir well for next 15 to 20 minutes.

Once the mixture starts leaving the sides of the kadhai, it gives a sign the mixture is well cooked.

Grease any non-stick mould or cake mould with some sunflower oil and turn the mixture into it, Grind nutmeg and green cardamom, and cut pieces of pistachio sprinkle on the halwa, allow to set in for couple of hours. Cut into desired shape and serve as required.

(Recipe: Instagram/Vikhroli Cucina)


Wheat germ contains phytosterols which help to lower cholesterol absorption. It has high levels of vitamin E, helps boost immunity and is a great source of plant-based protein which aides in building stronger muscles.

Fermented wheat germ extract reduces chemotherapy side effects and can help prevent colon and rectal cancer, arthritis, skin cancer and an autoimmune disorder called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

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