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Rakul Preet Singh’s Yoga mantra is simple – ‘Just flow’ | Health

Rakul Preet Singh knows how to make our Friday better. The actor shared a video of her fitness routine on Instagram and it is setting the yoga mood on the photo-sharing application. When it comes to yoga, Rakul Preet’s mantra is short and simple – she believes in just going with the flow.

Rakul Preet did exactly that in the recent video. For her Friday morning yoga session, Rakul Preet chose to just go with the flow of moving from one yoga position to another in a smooth transition. Rakul Preet is a yoga enthusiast and the plethora of pictures and videos of herself engrossed in several positions on her Instagram profile are proof of the same.

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On Friday, Rakul Preet shared a calm video of herself performing several yoga positions such as Padahastasana, cobras and the Surya Namaskar. In the video, Rakul Preet can be seen bending her body and touching her feet with both of her hands. She, then, can be seen moving on to stretch one leg to the back and bringing the other leg in front, near to her face. In the end part of the video, Rakul can be seen performing the Cobra pose by lying on her chest and stretching her upper body. She ended her Instagram reel with the Surya Namaskar by bringing both of her hands in front, in a folded position. “Just flow,” wrote Rakul Preet. Take a look at her video here:


The yoga asanas, performed by Rakul Preet in the video, come with multiple health benefits. The Padahastasana helps in massaging the digestive organs and reduction of flatulence, constipation, and indigestion. It also helps in improving concentration and metabolism of the body. Cobra pose helps in stretching the spine, chest and lungs, shoulders, and abdomen. It also helps in stimulating abdominal organs and toning the buttocks. The Surya Namaskar helps in strengthening the muscles and the joints, and shedding the extra fat from the body.

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