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Rakshabandhan special: How working together helps Sonakshi Sinha and her twin brothers bridge the gap | Bollywood

When it comes to the Sinha clan, the three siblings are setting quite some sibling goals on personal as well as professional front. And the creative streak that runs through them — Sonakshi is a painter and actor, Luv and Kussh are photography aficionados — helps them work together. And they say it is nice to be able to connect with each other on a creative level, and work around it.

On Rakshabandhan, they get candid about their evolving sibling bond, protective streaks and working together on House of Creativity, a virtual platform for art collectors to purchase artworks across a range of mediums.

Excerpts from an interview:

It has been over a month since House of Creativity was launched. How has been the feedback about the venture been?

Sonakshi: The response has been quite positive. So many people from the industry, my friends and colleagues with whom I shared this, have all liked it. Getting that kind of encouragement really pushes us to continue to do this and do it better. We hope to get many more artistes on board.

Luv: I want to add one thing that we actually launched in the middle of a pandemic, and even after that we are getting a good response. We wanted to create a platform that helps artistes reach out to a larger audience. For that, we wanted to connect with serious artistes, who basically have been trained or have been training from a young age to pursue this as a profession.

Kussh: The good thing is that there has been a space that was empty. And this is kind of growing into that space where new artistes, as well as established artistes, are getting a platform to come together and showcase their work. It was needed. I’m glad Sonakshi and Luv came up with this initiative and put it together.

So, what’s the way forward? Have you chalked out a plan, or would you like to go with the flow?

Sonakshi: With the kind of feedback that we have got till now, we are raring to go. We want to expand on a bigger level. We have started off with 30 artistes, and now want to involve a lot more people with the platform. We are just heading in that direction. The feedback has given us a major boost in confidence as well as encouraged usFor me, it is a very personal situation, because I have been an actor and for me to break out in the art scene, I was always very uncertain about it, but House of Creativity gave me a chance to showcase my work as an artiste.

Luv: It is very important that we help flourish art and also help the House of Creativity to generate more sales for the artistes because that is what is important. Our goal is to grow and reach out to corporates, architects, individuals, and anyone who loves art. If my artistes do well, then I do well, and that is what matters to me the most.

From growing up together to now working together, how is it to collaborate on a venture as siblings?

Sonakshi: It is always better to work with your siblings or family because you know that you always have each other’s best interest at heart, especially for something like House of Creativity. All of us are on the same page because we all are creative people and we all are artists in some way or the other. It just seems the most natural thing to do and I think it is very comfortable for all of us.

Luv: Working together as siblings is fun because we all have our own roles to play. We all try to contribute in different ways and that is what helps it all fall together in place. We all have our inputs and I think when it all comes together, it works brilliantly, and thankfully it is not tricky at all.

Kussh: Working together is a very comfortable space for all of us. We bring our unique strengths to the table.

In fact, Sinha house is also a house full of creativity. How do you look back at growing up with each, and how do you think your bond has matured with time?

Sonakshi: We all found our callings very individually because my brothers were in boarding school while I was studying in Mumbai, so we were apart for quite a while. But I think, all of us kept our creativity intact and followed what it was that really drove us, whether it was photography for Luv and Kussh, or painting for me.

Also, while growing up because we were apart from each other, our relationship was quite volatile but as you grow up, you mature as individuals. It has now just become very comfortable. We are in a good space now. The fact that we are able to do stuff together like this is a big leap and is sort of bridging the gap that was there when we were far apart from each other.

Luv: As you grow up together, you learn to understand what skill set each of us possess. My brother was into photography before me. I used to take photos, but started focusing on it in a professional manner, using the right equipment around 2012. So, the creative part always existed. When it comes to our bond, there is more understanding in some way like. With Kussh, it was different while growing up with us being twins, and different with Sonakshi. I was strict and she obviously didn’t like that. But with time, I don’t try to interrupt or try to tell her what to do because she is an adult and can make her decision. As a brother, I will always be there for her.

Kussh: We have always had a good relationship, personally and professionally but with time, it only deepens. We now have a greater understanding of each other and can discuss anything. When it comes to each of us finding our own talent and voice, it is a constant process. The important thing is to keep learning and keep evolving.

Luv mentioned that he was a strict brother, can you share how your equation was as siblings, were you protective towards each other or more laid back?

Sonakshi: My brothers were more protective of me before I became an actor. They were always my big brothers. I had to tread very carefully around them as they kept a hawk eye on me. Now, they have seen me in the public eye and know how I handle myself, so they are quite comfortable and have faith and trust in me that I can handle myself. Being big brothers, they will always be protective, but now they just give me a whole lot of my space as well. Now, we connect with each other through our work, like films and art, which is why House of Creativity. It is quite nice to be able to connect with your siblings on an artistic level like this.

Luv: I was an extremely protective and stricter brother, and my sister wasn’t fond of that. But it was not for my benefit, even today if I tell her anything, it is not for my own benefit, it is out of concern for her. Now, I don’t try to impose my thoughts on her. I will share it with her but not impose on her. Today, we connect with each other through work. We don’t need to display our bond all over social media, because as a family we are quite private, but our bond will always be there.

Kussh: We were only as protective as was required. We have all been independent as children, dealing with situations as individuals but knowing that we’re always there for each other. We are protective towards each other but also know that we can handle situations by ourselves, and if required, family is always there. When it comes to Sonakshi, she has dealt with trolling in an intelligent and dignified manner and she knows how to handle it. I guess some of it is also because our father has been a public figure for so many years, some of his lessons were passed on to us.

How are you spending Rakshabandhan this year?

Sonakshi: For me, the meaning of Rakshabandhan is just us being there for each other more than anything else. This year, I am shooting in Bhuj, Kussh is in London, and Luv in Mumbai. So, we are going to be in different parts of the world, but together in spirit. We are siblings, and that bond can never change.

Luv: The meaning and relevance will always be the same. For me and Kussh, it is our duty to be there for our sister. We have our arguments or disagree with each other, but the fact of the matter is that it will not change anything. I will always be there for my family no matter what.

Kussh: The meaning of the festival has been about spending time together, just be happy and celebrate the festival in the right way.



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