Monday, March 20, 2023
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Rakhi Sawant’s mother dies of cancer – Exclusive

Just In, Rakhi Sawant‘s mother has passed away. We heard this news just two minutes back and called Rakhi immediately.
The actress confirmed that her mother is no more. She said: “Maa ab nahi rahi”. Rakhi Sawant said it was a multi organ failure and she was very critical. The cancer spread to the kdineys and the lungs, the actress started weeping inconsolably.

We could not contiunue the conversation.
ETimes TV also has it that the death happened at Citicare hospital in Juhu. Rakhi Sawant was by her mother’s side when the end came.

Her mother was suffering from cancer for nearly three years, she fought a valiant battle but this ended about half an hour back.

We stand by Rakhi Sawant in the hour of crisis and pray that her mother’s soul rest in peace.

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