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Rajendra Upadhye expands his tech expertise and Entrepreneurship in Dubai

An accomplished civil and structural engineer who is based in Mumbai, Rajendra Upadhye currently works as a Section Manager for Citech Engineering College India Private Limited and also owns and heads his own tech-based firm.


Rajendra Upadhye belongs to a very humble background. Despite a lot of financial and economic struggles during his childhood, he completed his studies and always remained at the top in school and college.


Rajendra Upadhye’s interest in technology and its functioning had piqued after college. He decided to take up learning on his own and soon became a skilled person in the field.


Today, Rajendra specializes in the plant, oil and gas sectors. Professionally, in the field of power plants, oil and gas plants, he engages in the analysis and design of steel structures and their foundations.


Venturing in the job market and making a living for himself was also accompanied by a host of challenges that Rajendra took head on. He says that his parents had instilled in him the spirit of resilience early on. It was this spirit that kept him moving forward in the face of issues of basic needs like food, travel and rent.


Apart from this, Rajendra Upadhye is also a recognized expert in seismic and wind loading calculation using the formulation of IS, UBC, US, and various Russian and Euro codes. He also has varied interests in finite elements and machine foundations.


Talking about technology and how it is changing the face of almost every industry in the world, Rajendra Upadhye said, “You are bound to miss out on a lot of advancements in the world if your business is not aligned with technology and you will thus miss out on a lot. It is imperative that we understand the working of tech to incorporate it to the best use in our businesses. That’s when we will stay ahead of our competition.”


As an entrepreneur, Rajendra Upadhye hasn’t stayed behind. His own tech-based firm offers a host of services to customers. The concept of the company is to guide people to use technology the right way and fulfil their objectives and goals through modern, intelligent solutions and tools.


Rajendra Upadhye’s expertise and valued experience has reached Dubai and other international markets.


In the future, Rajendra Upadhye has bigger plans. He wants to take career forward and scale his company as well. Additionally, he aims to make larger contributions in the field of technology and cater to international markets.


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