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Raj Shamani – From selling products door to door through running a company worth 200 cr is what being a successful person looks like.

From being an average student at school to becoming a young International motivational speaker, who has given 200+ speeches all over the country on well-known platforms like Ted talk & amazing other platforms like Jaguar, Landrover, Reliance & Forbes.

Keeping the motives in his life, Raj Shamani is currently one of the Top 5 young Influencers in India. Raj Shamani grew up in India and it was a surprising moment for him to be awarded as the “Most Promising Future” amongst his group.

He has been on a super roller coaster of his life where he experienced hardship while he was 16 when his father suffered from a diabetic attack & which led the family business down.

Raj was an average student at school where he used to be too nervous to speak in public & perhaps his score was less academically.

Raj Shamani’s father traded in the making of soaps & detergent, where he started working to sell door to door services. Now at 24 Raj is one of the youthful & youngest entrepreneurs. His passion for travel, reading, growing & never backing down no matter how many hardships come in between.

He represented at youth representative programme at UN in the year 2015. He started to give speeches & preaching globally. He was the youngest member to speak at the United Nations Assembly in Vienna. As he was also recognized as “International Keynote Speaker”. Thousands of people were inspired by him.

Raj Shamani is an inspiration to many and a great example to a lot of teenagers. A useless teenager now ruling over social media & so the world by representing our country.

His only thoughts and views towards life are on focusing on making people feel worthy & great about themselves and help them be more confident & self-aware.

He added that ” No matter whatever I have in my life today whether a branded car or house, my only motive is how I make others feel about themselves”.



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