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Qwyit® Launches QFONE – Free Video Calling App

Founder and Inventor of Qwyit, Paul McGough

QFONE – Simply the Most Secure Video Calling App Ever – Employing Quantum-Safe Encryption –
Now Available on Google Play Store

QFONE is the most secure one-to-one video calling app available. Employing Qwyit’s quantum-safe algorithm, QFONE finally performs end-to-end security the right way.”

— Paul McGough

GREAT FALLS, VIRGINIA , UNITED STATES, November 23, 2022 / — Qwyit® proudly announces the release of its completely free Android video calling app – QFONE™ – now available on the Google Play Store ( “QFONE is the most secure one-to-one video calling app available. Employing Qwyit’s quantum-safe algorithm, QFONE finally performs end-to-end security the right way: security placed in the hands of the people, not companies,” said Paul McGough, founder and inventor of Qwyit’s technology. Users can download QFONE for free on the Google Play Store and invite friends via email to download QFONE as well. Users will not be bombarded with third party advertising in QFONE; and Qwyit does not sell any user data. Built for the people and by the people (not the government), QFONE calls are encrypted end-to-end using private keys known only to the callers – even more importantly, secure call content travels via the public internet, not company servers. Other VoIP apps own your traffic, but not QFONE. Also, QFONE is the only encrypted video calling app using four different keys for every video call, two audio and two video streams – four times the strength for truly next-generation security. QFONE was built to demonstrate the awesome power of Qwyit’s elegantly simple, highly flexible, and easily implemented encryption, QCY™. Even while encrypting and decrypting simultaneously four separate data streams and updating the keys for every packet in the four data streams, QFONE can deliver high-definition quality video without degradation, depending on internet connection quality. Employing simple but effective graphical user interfaces, QFONE will be regularly updated with more features and customer support as Qwyit grows its user base.

About Qwyit
Qwyit is a security engineering company delivering real-world cybersecurity encryption and authentication solutions. Qwyit provides quantum-safe security solutions applicable for any implementation, from tiny IoT devices to high-speed data processing devices. Qwyit delivers speed, efficiency, flexibility, and mathematically provable security. Qwyit’s proprietary and patented encryption, QCY, can work everywhere, reside in everything, and be on all the time without impacting the speed of core functions. QCy operates within the time data takes to propagate through a device. QPGA™ is the world’s fastest hardware FPGA security implementation: 256-bit encryption in a single clock cycle, for use in high-speed applications, including data warehouses. QVPN™ is an OpenVPN solution with QCY integration. Qwyit even provides secure electronic credit transaction capability called QCash™. Qwyit remains a closely held, limited liability company organized in the bucolic cybersecurity hills and forests of Great Falls, Virginia. For more information, contact or visit

About QPGA
QPGA™ comprises HDL code for use in a hardware implementation of QCY. QPGA code can reside inside the processor chip enabling unparalleled encryption/decryption speeds by performing these tasks without leaving the chip, which completely eliminates I/O delays. Encryption/decryption can be performed by the same processor that is generating or consuming the data immediately as the data is being processed. QPGA demonstrates the incredible speed and elegant simplicity of QCy. QPGA encrypts/decrypts 256-bits in a single clock cycle even on an FPGA operating at 150 MHz. Other implementations have accomplished the same performance for much larger packets — 512-bit and 1024-bit packets at 125 MHz clocks. QPGA can be designed to operate at user specified packet sizes. QPGA has been simulated and actually implemented on the following FPGAs: Intel Arria V, Intel Stratix V, Intel Altera and Achronix 7 FPGAs. Latency has been measured at about 5.4 nanoseconds. QPGA can operate at speeds exceeding 47 Gbits/sec. QPGA occupies a tiny amount of chip memory and uses less than 400 source code lines of code. QPGA consists of portable Verilog or VHDL code for integration into any hardware architecture – FPGAs, CPUs, GPUs, etc.

Now for the legal. QFONE, QCY, QPGA, QVPN and other Qwyit technology are protected by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 10,924,278; 10,498,714; 9,374,347; 8,649,520; 8,144,875; 8,144,874; 7,899,185; 6,445,797; 6,058,189; and 6,002,769. Several other patents remain pending. QFONE, QCY, QPGA, QVPN and other Qwyit technology are also protected under applicable U.S. and international copyright laws.

Michael P. Fortkort, Chief Executive Officer
Qwyit LLC
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