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Pronto Launches New Supreme Series PUF Panels for Architecturally Demanding Projects

Jaipur, India – May 22, 2024 – Pronto, a leading name in PUF roofing and wall panel manufacturing, proudly announces the launch of its innovative Supreme Series PUF panels. Designed specifically for niche customers with architecturally demanding requirements, the Supreme Series sets a new benchmark in the industry, combining aesthetic appeal with exceptional performance.

A New Standard in Quality and Design

The Supreme Series by Pronto are engineered to meet the highest quality standards, featuring Pronto’s proprietary edge protect technology, UV-resistant color coatings, and a high-grade core for ultra-long life and superior color retention. These panels are not only functional but also visually appealing, available in a variety of color options to suit diverse project needs.

Versatile and High-Performance

The Supreme Series offers several unique features tailored for architectural excellence, including:

– In-Built Conduit: Simplifies installation and enhances the panel’s sleek look.

– L Corner Panels for Seamless Joints: Ensures a flawless finish and superior aesthetics.

– Multi-Color Options: Provides flexibility in design to match any project’s vision.

These panels are ideal for a wide range of applications, including rooftop restaurants, school classrooms, hospital wards, farmhouses, penthouses, and premium shops. Their durability and design versatility make them the perfect choice for projects requiring both high performance and aesthetic appeal.

Affordable Luxury

Pronto International has attractively priced the Supreme Series to make high-quality PUF panels accessible to a broader market. Despite their premium features, these panels are competitively priced, ensuring that customers receive excellent value without compromising on quality.

Ready Stock and Live Demonstrations

To further enhance customer convenience, the Supreme Series panels are now available in ready stock. Customers can visit Pronto’s showrooms in Jaipur and Jodhpur to see the panels firsthand. The showrooms feature live heat tests and load tests, allowing customers to witness the superior performance and durability of the Supreme Series panels in real-time.

 Where to Visit Pronto:

Experience the new standard in PUF panels with Pronto’s Supreme Series. Visit their showrooms in Jaipur and Jodhpur for a demonstration and take immediate delivery from our ready stock.


Pronto International continues to lead the industry with innovation and quality, ensuring that every project achieves architectural excellence with the new Supreme Series PUF panels.


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