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Promising Results From Computerized Posturographic Vestibular Retraining for Stable Unilateral Vestibular Deficits

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JAMA Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery

Study by Dr. Eytan David found computer-guided vestibular retraining showed promise as treatment for patients with stable unilateral vestibular deficits.

Computerized dynamic posturography (CDP)-assisted vestibular retraining can be used as an adjunct treatment for patients who have persistent symptoms with or without previous physical therapy.”

— Dr. Eytan David

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, April 13, 2022 / — Individuals with persistent unilateral vestibular deficits often experience loss of quality of life and increased risk of falling, and they have few well-supported options for effective treatment. Vestibular retraining has proven to be useful in improving balance of elderly patients with instability.

Balance disorders, medically identified as unilateral vestibular deficits, are common. They can lead to anxiety, reduced independence, and withdrawal from normal activities, which negatively affects a patient’s quality of life. One recent study by Dr. Eytan A. David, MD, published on the JAMA Network™ medical journal, suggests that posturography-assisted retraining shows promise as a treatment for patients with stable unilateral vestibular deficits – a group that frequently does not respond satisfactorily to other treatments.

In this cohort study, 13 participants who reported imbalance that affected their day-to-day activities and whose symptoms were present for greater than 6 months, were subjected to twelve twice-weekly sessions of posturography-assisted vestibular retraining with prescribed weight shifting tasks guided by an interactive display.

As the result of the vestibular retraining sessions, participants reported clinically meaningful improvements after computerized, dynamic posturography-assisted vestibular retraining, especially for those with moderate to severe disability at baseline. Further studies should compare posturography-assisted vestibular retraining with conventional physical therapy rehabilitation techniques.

The podcast of the interview with Eytan A. David, MD, hosted by Joseph P. Bradley, MD, can be heard here.

Dr. David is a highly published leader in the field of Otolaryngology, with focused expertise in hearing and balance disorders. He is a contributing author to Gray’s Surgical Anatomy textbook, providing the chapter on the External and Middle Ear, and has dozens of peer-reviewed publications.

He is a Fellow at the Royal Society of Medicine, London, and a clinical faculty member in the Department of Surgery, University of British Columbia. He is a Consultant Surgeon at Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, and Past-President, British Columbia Otolaryngology Society.

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