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Prepared for power outages? Dory Power offers battery-powered generators for quiet, clean, long-time indoor backup power

Dory B7000 battery-powered generator for 120 hours backup of a home refrigerator

CLEVELAND, OH, UNITED STATES, July 4, 2022 / — Power outages could happen anytime and interrupt our daily lives. During a power outage, most people use portable gas/diesel generators for backup power supply, but portable gas/diesel generators are polluting, noisy, and only for outdoor uses due to the deadly carbon monoxide emission.

Dory Power company in Ohio manufactures portable battery-powered generators, which can provide clean, automatic and long-time backup power. The Dory battery generators have no emissions, no noises and no vibrations during usage, making them perfect for indoor use. The battery generators from Dory Power are plug-and-play, designed for fully automated backup and for uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Currently Dory Power offers three models of portable battery generators: B2700, B5000 and B7000. Each unit can provide multiple days of emergency backup power for a family to run a refrigerator, light lamps, charge cell phones, use microwave oven, etc.

The Dory B7000 battery generator is the most powerful portable battery generator in the world, providing the longest backup time among all types of similar products. Using a Dory B7000 can power a home refrigerator for about 120~150 hours. Another big advantage of Dory battery generators is that several units can be connected together to provide extended and automatic backup. For example, two connected B-7000 can provide 14.3 kWh to run a home refrigerator continuously for 10~12 days.

The Dory battery generators are produced in Cleveland, Ohio, with the highest standard of quality, in an all-metal structure and enclosure, using the state-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate batteries which are certified to the UL 1642, IEC 62619 and UN38.3 standards. Safety and performance are ensured with three layers of protection under extreme application conditions.

Dory offers 30-day money back guarantee for all customers, and two years of warranty for their battery generators. For Independence day celebration, Dory Power currently has an ongoing promotional sales on their website,

B7000 model: $200 discount, using “Dory200” coupon code

B5000 model: $150 discount, using “Dory150” coupon code

B2700 model: $100 discount, using “Dory100” coupon code


Dory Power, located in Cleveland Ohio, is an innovative battery technology company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and delivering clean, safe, affordable and sustainable battery power systems for energy storage and backup power supply.

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