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Pew Research Center: 71% are lying about themselves on dating sites – but not in The Educated Singles Club

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Findings from Pew Research Center on dating profiles

Findings from Pew Research Center on dating profiles

You have everything in life except a partner.

You have everything in life except a partner.

The Educated Singles Club is for those who want more time than a swipe on a photoshopped, maybe even fake profile photo before connecting with someone.

Educated singles are, for a good reason, worried about the seriousness of most dating sites offering free profiles. If something is free it means you are the product.”

— Finn Majlergaard, Founder of The Educated Singles Club

PARIS, FRANCE, September 25, 2022 / — According to a study from Pew Research Center, it can be risky to be on online dating sites if you expect to meet genuine people with whom you can connect and create a relationship. A recent study from Pew Research Center documents that.

This is not new but it has intensified over the years, as more and more believe they can be safe and meet genuine people on sites where everything is free.

The exception from the rule is The Educated Singles Club which offers a completely different dating and networking experience because the founder, Dr Finn Majlergaard committed to some principles from the very beginning.

The Educated Singles Club was founded on the core principles, that members should feel safe and that The Educated Singles Club had to avoid fake profiles and scammers. The Educated Singles Club have succeeded in achieving that, by remaining independent and avoiding external investors. Most other dating sites are owned by one of two conglomerates, which can make money from having profile information from millions of people from thousands of different dating sites.

So what makes The Educated Singles Club unique?
1. Members must have at least a master’s degree and a mature LinkedIn profile. This way the Educated Singles Club can verify both identity and education level.

2. In The Educated Singles Club the members are a lot more than a nice profile photo. Educated Singles in particular often find attraction in other things than another person’s photo. They know we can get mutually attracted culturally, socially, intellectually and emotionally as well. The Educated Singles Club gives the members the opportunity to show all these sides of themselves. So one can say, that The Educated Singles Club is everything tinder is not.

3. The Educated Singles Club has a very transparent business model, which means the members pay a membership fee, which covers the cost of maintaining and developing the community. Privacy is preserved at all times, and no information is shared or sold to a third party.

4. The Educated Singles Club is 100% independent, so no external investors can push the club to compromise its core values and principles.

5. The club is global but based in the EU, which has the strictest privacy rules anywhere in the world.

Members of The Educated Singles Club are more mature than users of traditional dating sites because of the educational requirements and because members can feel safe from fake profiles and scammers.

Dr Finn Majlergaard has some great visions for The Educated Singles Club. First of all, the club is recruiting ambassadors around the world, who can develop local communities and organise events strictly for members. The initiative started before COVID and the events were a great success. The members can to an event about a topic e.g. an artist. As it was not a dating event people were more relaxed and could connect more freely with fellow members at the reception after each event. The Educated Singles Club is now revitalising these events.

It is also Dr Finn Majlergaard’s ambition that the combined pool of knowledge and experience in The Educated Singles Club can be used to develop new innovative ideas and solutions to the problems our planet is facing.

As it is a club and not a traditional dating site, the members can propose and lead initiatives within the club as long as they are not categorised as political or religious.

Dr Finn Majlergaard is proud that The Educated Singles Club has achieved so much despite temptations from external investors. Standing firm on the right principles is the most noble thing any organisation or individual can do Dr Finn Majlergaard says

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