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People were stunned to see Urfi Javed in salwar suit, said- ‘She cannot be Urfi, she is in full clothes’

Television oi-Salman Khan | Published: Tuesday, July 4, 2023, 16:32 [IST]

Whenever Urfi Javed’s name comes to the fore, people understand that once again boldness and different dress is about to start. But this time nothing like this has happened. The condition in which Urfi Javed has been spotted now is rarely seen. Actually in the recent video, Urfi Javed is seen in salwar suit. As soon as she got down from the car, paparazzi started shouting seeing her. One said, “Kya baat hai Urfi ji aaj salwar suit mein, aaj public khush ho jayegi.” At the same time a bike falls which leaves Urfi Javed shocked. Salman Khan contacted Sanjay Leela Bhansali after clashing on the sets of Inshallah? Now there will be a big bang! People say that the bike fell on seeing you. In this way he was being mocked. The paparazzi page wrote with the video, “Janta soch rahi hoga, Janta aisa ho “Aaj Suraj kahan se nikala hai.” People are also commenting on seeing in salwar suit. One wrote, “Clothes are the jewel of a person, sister!” She is in dress.” Many such comments are coming in front, Urfi has not given any kind of reaction. Apart from fashion, Urfi Javed keeps giving her opinion on many matters and it is said that she talks outright. After trolling Urfi, lakhs of people follow her on social media and her pictures are full of strange looks. Urfi Javed was worried about women’s safety, said – only relatives and people around rape Urfi Javed: Bigg Boss OTT fame Abhishek Malhan Urfi Javed made a big disclosure Urfi Javed showed pain for the first time, said- name is .. wealth .. fame is the only thing lacking Urfi Javed’s boldest look till date, arrived at a blouseless event and dropped it Pallu, people said – file a case on this, Urfi Javed ready to create a new ruckus, rubbed this thing on the body without clothes and … Urfi Javed crossed all limits, without bra hid B**bs from the moon … people Said – Modi ji don’t leave it open Urfi Javed in Mahesh Bhatt’s clothes! People said, did he wear a sanitary pad? Urfi Javed came out with spices on her body, said – Which flavor do you like? Man started doing such things in front of Urfi Javed late night, Hasina screamed without wearing anything Urfi Javed hid B**BS like this, people said- ‘Children are standing behind, arrest him’ Mukesh Khanna’s shocking Now Urfi Javed reacted on the comment of ‘Adipurush’, said- ‘This man is completely mad’ Stay updated with every news of the film industry and get movie reviews , said- ‘She cannot be Urfi, she is in full clothes’ Read the details. Story first published: Tuesday, July 4, 2023, 16:32 [IST]


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