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Parallel Flight Technologies Selected to Participate in Autonomous Wildfire Mitigation Exercise

Project Vesta Aims To Revolutionize The Fight Against Wildfires By Integrating Air And Ground Technologies In A Live Fire Mitigation Experiment

Parallel Flight’s contribution to meeting the challenge of wildfire control is an extremely important addition to the wildfire suppression tool kit.”

— Karen Morgan, CEO of TESIAC.

LA SELVA BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 10, 2022 / — Parallel Flight Technologies, a leader in heavy-lift drone technology, announced its participation in the SoCal Tech Bridge’s Project Vesta. The first experiment, hosted February 14-18, 2022, during the Naval Postgraduate School’s Joint Interagency Field Experimentation (JIFX) 22-2 aboard Camp Roberts, CA, is a critical step in the evolution of faster, safer, and more effective wildfire control and mitigation.

Wildfires are a wicked problem continually growing in severity and scope, especially in the California region. The threat to people, wildlife, natural and commercial resources, and the environment is profound and long-lasting. Those committed to fighting fires face significant challenges, and are left with little room for error, but much room for improvement. Supported by the Department of Defense, SoCal Tech Bridge is aiming to develop an uncrewed fire mitigation prototype that combines state-of-the art technology and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) equipment to identify risk, reduce response time, and support mitigation efforts.

“Our core mission is to save lives, property, and the environment. With the development of our Parallel Hybrid drone technology, which combines extreme heavy lifting with long duration, our uncrewed, autonomous aircraft open new possibilities for the safety of first responders,” says Joshua Resnick, CEO of Parallel Flight Technologies. He continues, “Our UAS, Firefly, will provide the ability to enhance proactive prescribed burn capabilities for fire prevention, as well as crucial staging and tactical resupply of hoses, tools, fuel, food water, etc., for firefighting personnel on the front lines battling wildfires.”

TESIAC, a member of the Project Vesta leadership team, is pleased to work with Parallel Flight Technologies to develop solutions to aid in the detection and suppression of wildfires. The Project Vesta team will collaborate to experiment the integration of sophisticated and newly developed technologies, in concert with other firefighting assets. “Parallel Flight’s contribution to meeting the challenge of wildfire control is an extremely important addition to the wildfire suppression tool kit”, said Karen Morgan, CEO of TESIAC.

The Project Vesta team is passionate about developing – and sharing – better, quicker, and safer means to address this challenging issue. The program goals are persistent fire surveillance, analytics capabilities enabled by edge computing, and rapid interoperability. If successful, it can support continuous terrain mapping, accurate fuel analysis, immediate fire identification, and the timely delivery of suppressant agents in active fires.

Parallel Flight’s transformative UAS technology can be applied across multiple logistics verticals, including real-time and complex healthcare logistics, tactical support for firefighters and first responders, and industrial logistics. By serving as an original equipment manufacturer and service provider, Parallel Flight Technologies is well-positioned to revolutionize drones as a service (DAAS) on a global scale.

About Parallel Flight Technologies:

Parallel Flight Technologies is an industrial-grade drone company with a mission to deliver uncrewed systems that save lives, property and the environment. Headquartered La Selva Beach, California, the startup company has developed proprietary drone technology that will allow drones to carry heavy payloads for over two hours, making it ideal for use in fighting wildfires, search and rescue, healthcare and other mission-critical logistics applications. Press Contact: Sarah Abdi |

About SoCal Tech Bridge:

The SoCal Tech Bridge leverages the Southern California convergence of Installations, Industry, and Research to unlock emerging technology through non-traditional partnerships. The SoCal Tech Bridge is built around the philosophy that collaborative markets can be established that enable mutually beneficial opportunities for Department of Defense (DoD) and Commercial Industry to partner. These collaborative efforts are the foundation for a better business model unlocking the future of DoD Research & Development requirements development, and prototyping. Our technical focus areas – Installation Protection, Resilience, Mobility, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Autonomous Systems – are woven throughout our collaborative efforts and vision. Press Contact: K. McRostie |


TESIAC is an Economic Development and Managed Services Platform that delivers Infrastructure-as-a-Service to public and private entities through flexible project management and innovative financial structures. TESIAC operates at the nexus of energy, mobility, technology, and capital markets. By doing so, TESIAC enables integrated and interoperable systems to enhance overall efficiencies, increase operational performance, and create layers of sustainable value. Our core principles are centered around smart city development with a focus on workforce, social equity, climate goals and sustainable development. Press Contact: A. Morgan |

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