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Pandora Papers: Sachin Tendulkar’s name crops up in report that reveals financial secrets | Cricket News

India batting legend Sachin Tendulkar’s name has cropped up in the recently released ‘Pandora Papers’, which contains information about secret wealth and financial dealings of prominent world leaders, politicians and billionaires.  

The report, which was published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) on October 3, contains information about unknown offshore financial dealings of world leaders.   

Tendulkar’s name is listed below “people linked by the secret documents to offshore assets”. A part of the report read: “People linked by the secret documents to offshore assets include India’s cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar, pop music diva Shakira, supermodel Claudia Schiffer and an Italian mobster known as ‘Lell the Fat One’.” 

Providing further details on the same, The Indian Express wrote, “Sports icon Sachin Tendulkar, for instance, asked for the liquidation of his entity in the British Virgin Islands just three months after the Panama Papers expose.” 

Tendulkar is regarded as one of the greatest sportsperson in the country and has represented Indian in a total of 200 Tests and 463 ODIs.

Apart from Tendulkar, other prominent figures who are listed in the report include former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Russia President Vladimir Putin, exposing details of their financial activities in an “offshore system”. 

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