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Oxford Innovation Incubator Centre project Dr Smart Money launches Financial Literacy Initiative with Warminster School

Dr Smart Money

Year-long project is a part of the Warminster School’s EDGE programme. Teaching pupils year 9+ basic life skills and readying them for the world beyond school

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr Smart Money and Warminster School have teamed up for a new exciting financial literacy programme.

The year-long project is a part of the Warminster school’s EDGE programme which started in September 2021. The EDGE programme is about teaching pupils from year 9 and up basic life skills and readying them for the world beyond school, which can be often lacking in normal school curriculums. The new initiative includes different sessions of life skills such as Netiquette, house craft, culinary, and 1st Aid. Dr Smart Money plays a role in joining the EDGE programme bringing financial literacy sessions to students.

The financial literacy sessions with Dr Smart Money kicked off on 8th September 2021 with Year 10 pupils at Warminster School and the impact made to the student so far is clear.

Year 10 pupil Niamh, commented, “I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I benefited from the mind-set talk the most. I found it beneficial, not just about money but about other things to do with school, sport and the person I want to become. I learnt more about money and how we should save, earn, spend, donate and invest.”

Kat Maclaren, Design Technology teacher at Warminster agrees, “The Dr SmartMoney programme offers a different perspective learning about money, which pupils readily engage with during their EDGE sessions. The tutorials draw on people’s real life experiences as well as allowing pupils to consider their own future with money. I have learned new things too!”

The Dr Smart Money financial literacy sessions carried out by the founder Harry Hakuei Kosato first introduces the students to the concept of money, finance, and how to start thinking about their future. It also entails different guest speakers that come in every week with their own “my money story”, which students get to listen to gain insight on how people work with their personal finances. The founder Harry also shares his experience being a parallel entrepreneur, speaking about the importance of having multiple streams of income. Hearing about money stories of people with different backgrounds helps them think about their future and also think about starting their own ‘money journey’ early.

In the 2nd and 3rd weeks, Dr Smart Money collaborates with Alex Kim, a young investor currently based in Singapore who started his investment journey at age 15 and has grown his portfolio 6000% in some 14 years. Alex speaks about his experience in investing and shares his knowledge to get the students thinking about investing on their own. Alex is enthusiastic about spreading awareness in investment and putting a kick start to young students’ investment journey. Students go through an exciting mock portfolio exercise where they are able to gain experience in trading, while also getting advice from the mastermind himself.

Alex Kim said “I wish I had something like this when I was younger, it’s important to build a solid financial foundation and adopt a long-term thinking mindset early on in order to set them up for success later on in life.”

In the 4th week, Dr Smart Money collaborates with Lesley Thomas, The Money Mastery Business Coach™, who through her own work with female entrepreneurs, brings significant experience of understanding the direct link between the relationship with money and our sense of self-value and self-worth. Lesley is a huge advocate for developing financial literacy in children as early as possible, and in doing so positively impacting their sense of their own worth and value. During her module in the 4-week programme, Lesley will focus on the importance of the right Money Mindset in creating a positive framework for how our personal Money Story is developed and how by owning it, we empower ourselves both now and in the future.

The year 10 students get 4 weeks of sessions for each group, where they will rotate to different EDGE courses over the year. As part of the EDGE programme, the financial literacy sessions with Dr Smart Money is also in a 4 week cycle.

Dr Smart Money is an Oxford University Innovation Incubator Centre project founded by Harry Hakuei Kosato. It is a social enterprise aiming to bring financial education to 1 million children and youth globally. Dr Smart Money is planning to release their first financial literacy tool kit to use in homes in 2022, which will be available for parents and children aged 6 to 12.

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