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Opinion: Trying to do Hindu-Muslim in 2024 elections on the pretext of UCC, this is a bad attempt to come to power

Throughout a program in Bhopal, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on the Uniform Civil Code that how a twin system can run in a nation. However the largest factor is that the nation’s poverty, unemployment, financial system, reducing exports, growing imports and the youth moaning for jobs inside the nation will not be being mentioned with PM Modi inside this nation. They need to bake their political breads on the flowing tide of slim spiritual sentiments. Therefore, unnecessarily debating the UCC.

Just one and a half traces have been written on the Uniform Civil Code in the Structure of India. The Communist Get together of India has a clear understanding that by discussing this unnecessarily earlier than the 2024 elections, polarizing the society, dividing it into Hindu-Muslim, it is a malicious attempt to get votes as soon as once more and come to power. I ask that the Regulation Fee in its twenty first report had brazenly stated that there is no want of Uniform Civil Code in India. Then why did it immediately want to be thrown?

Questions on the intention of the authorities

What is the want to make Hindu-Muslim by bringing Uniform Civil Code. In the event you implement UCC, then will probably be relevant to about 650 tribes. Will apply to tribals. Will apply to Hindu sisters. Our adoption follow is totally different. Now we have a totally different system of succession. Joint household has a totally different considering. Now we have totally different streams right here, what’s going to you do with these streams?

There is no custom of adoption in Muslim and Christian religions. There is a custom of guardianship and so they have their very own private regulation. There are numerous private personal legal guidelines inside our one faith. The individuals of Jain neighborhood and Buddhism are totally different. You need to drive everybody with a stick. It sounds superb, one nation one regulation. However this is a nation of range. There are numerous religions in this nation and there are totally different streams inside them. We’re Hindus even after being theists and Hindus even after being atheists. We do not worship any god and even when we provide water to the solar god in the morning, nonetheless we’re Hindus. It is a nation steeped in traditions.

Married Muslim girls apply vermilion in many areas inside this nation. I do not know whether or not it is talked about in private regulation or not. I imagine that there is no want to depart something in this. This society shouldn’t be divided for votes. Divided the earth, divided the sky, now do not divide people. Attempt to perceive on this. Together with this, I additionally need to inform the Muslim Private Regulation Board that there is no want to shout and shout. We would like to say this to all the individuals inside our nation. 

Neither yarn nor cotton, weaver’s final straw

First of all would love to know what is the proposal of the authorities and what is the proposal of the Regulation Fee? Has the authorities stored any doc concerning this? However, all the individuals of BJP are doing Hindu-Muslim first. Then crematorium and graveyard after which Shahrukh Khan and Pathan. And now UCC. Is UCC a state material? What are the Chief Ministers of Assam and Uttarakhand doing? You will make the UCC and the states will move it, inside the states? This is a nation and a federal construction is additionally one thing.

The nation is run by the federal system, which has its personal structure. There is unity in our range. The structure makers of our nation have ready the structure after considering a lot. Subsequently, just one and a half traces have been written on the Widespread Civil Code. 

If the authorities actually needs to talk about that there ought to be talks with political events on different points. The one objective of bringing it earlier than the 2024 elections is to someway win the Lok Sabha elections. The cardboard of Hindu-Muslim is completed. Now it feels superb to hear one nation one structure. If such payments are introduced in the Parliament, then the individuals of the nation will tear them and throw them away. won’t settle for. Everybody has their very own traditions, their very own means. 

Which nation do you need to construct?
In lots of areas, on the event of Rakshabandhan, sister ties Rakhi on brother’s wrist. Brother binds one another. This is a nation of traditions. You may’t drive it with a stick.  When the individuals of Europe meet one another, they shake one another’s cheek. Right here we rub chest to chest. Hindu Muslims combine. So what to do if we separate Hindus and Hindus and blend Muslims and Muslims? If this is the which means of UCC, then it ought to be torn into items, which creates variations between us, between brothers, which creates a hole between brothers, which burns our tradition to ashes.  

On the emotions of faith, political bread might be baked for a while on the waves. However when it is given the type of narrow-mindedness on the waves of faith, then it turns into a communalist method. However, what would occur if as we speak the waves of faith are known as slim? The query arises which nation do you need to construct? Akhand Bharat or Hastinapur? We do not need Hastinapur. Atul Kumar Anjan is not a supporter of Hastinapur of Mahabharata. Your nationalism is slim nationalism. There is nationalism of the vote. Our nationalism provides to the obligation and in a complete method places each caste-religion, each perception and custom dwelling inside the boundaries collectively at the ft of Maa Bharati.

[नोट- उपरोक्त दिए गए विचार लेखक के व्यक्तिगत विचार हैं. ये जरूरी नहीं कि एबीपी न्यूज़ ग्रुप इससे सहमत हो. इस लेख से जुड़े सभी दावे या आपत्ति के लिए सिर्फ लेखक ही जिम्मेदार है.]


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