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Open a gift wrapping service this week

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By Marissa Sánchez


Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year; It ranges from classic inns and family gatherings, to shopping for gifts and vacation trips. All this generates a significant economic spill and opportunities to undertake arise.

One of the reasons that explains this increase in the consumption of products and services is the payment of the so-called Christmas bonus, of which the residents of the capital allocate, on average, 22% for the different festivals that are celebrated in December. For example, for Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner, as well as for buying gifts. According to a study by the Small Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mexico City ( Canacope ), these expenses range from $ 3,300. While for exchanges in the office or with the family, Mexicans invest an average of $ 200.

Therefore, at the end of the year, people from socioeconomic segments C, C +, B, B + and A, are filled with gifts of all kinds. And an essential part of any gift is, without a doubt, the presentation; that is, the envelope.


Start with a business specialized in gift wrapping: from small packages containing a perfume, shoes or glasses, to a car. Here your best supplies – in addition to decorative elements that you can get in specialized decorative materials stores or even in the local Central de Abasto – will be your creativity and imagination. The first advantage of this model is that you can start from home and contact your clients via the Internet or visit them directly at their home or office to give them the service.

And since they say that love is born from sight, set up a Web page (around $ 50,000) that contains different samples of the work you do, that includes a clear description of the materials used, delivery time (there may be emergency services or last minute extra cost) and promotions (for example, discounts for wrapping corporate gifts). Don’t forget to have an active presence on social networks: on Facebook users can share their experiences and opinions; On Pinterest, on the other hand, you can upload photos of your creations.

Explore all the possibilities in the market: from private clients looking for 100% personalized options, to corporate clients (which guarantee volume) and some fashion stores, for example, that need to outsource this function. Another opportunity for your business to achieve success is that throughout the year people give away, either at Christmas (the main season), February 14, Mother’s Day, or on birthdays, anniversaries and graduations.

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