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Offended Arjun Kapoor tells Jacqueline Fernandez ‘please leave my van’ for this hilarious reason. Watch | Bollywood

Arjun Kapoor was joined by his Bhoot Police co-star Jacqueline Fernandez on the new episode of his chat show, Bak Bak With Baba. He was mock-offended when she said that she does not indulge in emotional eating and jokingly asked her to leave his vanity van.

Arjun asked Jacqueline about her first crush. She said that there was a boy in school but did not reveal his name. “But I also had a huge crush on Leonardo DiCaprio after watching Romeo and Juliet and Titanic, and Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys,” she added.

Jacqueline was also asked to reveal the name of the last person she texted and it turned out to be Arjun, whom she sent a GIF. Other people on her list included her mother, the man who edits her videos and her siblings. Arjun, who was ‘hoping for some gossip’, told Jacqueline, “We get it, you are leading a very kosher life.”

Arjun then asked Jacqueline to name a meal she turns to when she is happy and what she eats when she is sad. She said that eats only to get energy. When he explained the concept of emotional eating to her, and asked if food meant anything to her in that way, she said no.

“Please leave my van,” Arjun told Jacqueline, pretending to take offence at her answer. “It was fun while it lasted but toodles,” he added.


Jacqueline said that loves to ‘celebrate’ with food. On being asked if she ever sought solace in eating when she was low, she said, “There was a phase in my 20s when I did turn to food and that was late at night. I lived alone so it was like cake, ice cream, anything crispy. I actually did have a terrible relationship with food and then I went starving for a week which is really bad for you. So, now it’s about knowing that I don’t need to turn to it, tomorrow is another day and we will get through it.”

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Jacqueline also talked about nasty things written about her online. “There are a lot of mean things. It’s okay, we all get it. I read things about myself, how terrible I sound, how terrible my accent is and how I speak Hindi, bad criticism on how I look.”

Arjun asked Jacqueline how she overcomes the criticism, and she replied, “I kind of take it positively. I am like, ‘okay, what do they mean?’ Then, I feel, maybe there is some room for improvement. There is some criticism where you feel this person is being nasty. Some places, it actually makes sense to me.”

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