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Oasis Fertility Held A Walkathon In Bengaluru To Celebrate World IVF Day

The pioneer in fertility treatment aims at breaking communication barriers and empowering couples struggling with infertility

Oasis Fertility, Bengaluru, a noted fertility hospital conducted a Walkathon of 3.5 km to celebrate World IVF Day. The event was held on the eve of World IVF Day, i.e., July 24, 2022. The Walkathon started from Oasis Fertility, Banashankari and ended at BDA Complex, promoting the campaign titled “Infertility Knows No Gender.”

Oasis Fertility

The primary intent behind the Walkathon was to spread awareness about infertility across genders and prevent the issue from being stigmatized. Dr Rajeshwari MV, the Clinical Head and Fertility Specialist at Oasis Fertility, Banashankari also participated in the Walkathon along with hundreds of others.

Dr Rajeshwari believes that the event helped people understand the aspects of infertility that are rarely addressed. She says, “The point we wished to make was that infertility affects men and women equally and it’s time to have a healthy body if one is planning to conceive. Numerous advanced male fertility treatment options like MACS, Micro-TESE, and Microfluidics, etc. are available that can enable even men with low sperm count to embrace a biological child.”

Oasis Fertility

Dr Meghana Nyapathi, the Clinical Head and Fertility Specialist at Oasis Fertility (HSR Layout) believes that the Walkathon marked an important step toward letting people realize how common and normal male infertility is. She says, “Infertility is not a female issue alone and our prime motive is to shatter the stigma around male infertility and encourage men to come out of their inhibitions and opt for fertility evaluation if they are unable to conceive even after a year. Gone are the days when women alone were blamed for infertility. The journey of parenthood is very special and both male and female partners need to cooperate in terms of diagnosis, lifestyle modifications, and treatment to achieve their dream.”

Oasis Fertility

Oasis Fertility is a unit of Sadguru Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd driven towards redefining reproductive care in India with the help of internationally recognized best practices and protocols in fertility treatments. Launched in 2009, the chain has expanded to 25 centres across the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Jharkhand Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Odisha.





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