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Nutrigenomix celebrates its 10-year anniversary

Nutrigenomix celebrates 10 years

Nutrigenomix has been a pioneer in genetic testing for personalized nutrition worldwide for the past decade

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 8, 2022 / — Nutrigenomix Inc., a global leader in genetic testing for personalized nutrition, marks its 10-year anniversary on June 12, 2022. The company was founded by Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy, a Professor at the University of Toronto who held a Canada Research Chair in Nutrigenomics and is an internationally recognized scientist in the field of precision nutrition. Dr. El-Sohemy, who serves as the company’s Chief Science Officer, began his research in the 1990s at the University of Toronto and made several ground-breaking discoveries that have transformed the application of the science into practice.

Nutrigenomix provides healthcare professionals and their clients with cutting-edge, evidence-based genomic information to improve health and performance through personalized nutrition recommendations. The company currently offers a 70-gene test for Health & Wellness, Sport & Performance, Optimizing Fertility, and Plant-based lifestyles.

“When Nutrigenomix launched ten years ago, we offered a 7-gene test because that’s where the science was at. With the rapid advances in the field over the last ten years, our current test now covers over 70 genetic markers known to impact our responses to dietary and lifestyle factors,” said Dr. El-Sohemy. “We have also expanded our genetic reports to cover specialized areas such as skin health and pharmacogenetics.” The 70-gene test is the first and only genetic test to incorporate a validated dietary intake assessment tool that provides insight into which DNA-based recommendations are being met by an individual, and which areas they may need to focus their efforts on.

For the past five years, Dr. Cindy Pudjiadi, a Physician and Clinical Nutrition Specialist who operates a large practice in Indonesia, has been using Nutrigenomix with over a thousand patients to manage their weight. “My patients have not only been able to maintain their weight loss, but have also improved other metabolic markers related to their health and fitness,” said Dr. Pudjiadi. “The reports are very comprehensive, yet easy to follow and implement.”

Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist Mascha Davis, who runs Nomadista Nutrition in Los Angeles, values the highly informative reports. “My clients love Nutrigenomix! It has been incredibly helpful for them to see their genetic test results, which I am able to use to create their personalized nutrition plan. The report has been a huge motivator for behavior change.”

Built on award-winning technology and powered by a team of nutritional scientists and clinicians, Nutrigenomix leverages the latest advancements in research and technology to enable healthcare professionals and their clients to create effective changes for optimal health and performance. As the only lifestyle genomics testing company that was established at a major university and supports independent randomized controlled clinical trials worldwide, Nutrigenomix is proud to provide practitioners and health science students with free educational resources and training on the science of nutrigenomics.

The company’s 70-gene test is the number one choice for thousands of healthcare professionals, clinics, and hospitals in over 50 countries. Nutrigenomix continues to expand to meet the growing needs of healthcare providers and consumers for a high-quality genetic testing service. With its commitment to stringent scientific standards and practitioner support, Nutrigenomix is regarded by many as the most trusted source of evidence-based genetic information for personalized nutrition.


Nutrigenomix Inc. is a biotechnology company dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals and their clients with comprehensive genomic information for personalized nutrition, with the ultimate goal of improving health and performance through precision nutrition recommendations. The company has offices in Toronto, Chicago, London, Sydney, and São Paulo with a network of over 10,000 healthcare practitioners in 50 countries plus exclusive distributors in 12 other countries. The personalized nutrition reports are available in 8 languages and the current 70-gene test is available in four formats including Health & Wellness, Sport & Performance, Fertility, and Plant-based which is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. For more information, visit or email

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