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Nimit Gupta Turns His Love For Marketing Into An Illustrious Career

The marketing professional has charted out marketing strategies (digital and otherwise) for multiple companies over the last 7 years

Nimit Gupta, a marketing professional with cross-industry experience of over 7 years, has successfully turned his passion for marketing into a career. Currently, he is working as the Marketing Head of SaaS startup – Throughout his journey, Nimit has helped several businesses build their brands and get the traction they were looking for.

Nimit always had a knack for marketing and the different tools that can be optimized for building a brand. He started his journey in 2014 with Genpact where his work revolved around social media listening and data analysis. Here, he tracked the image and reputation of the companies across social media platforms and helped the management to improve the same. Irrespective of the position he held in the company, Nimit always took an active and personal interest in helping the management bring more business to the company.

Not too soon after quitting his first job, Nimit realized the importance and potential of startups. Over the next two years, he worked with two startups and helped them create targeted marketing campaigns for their offerings. This helped him use his marketing acumen to persuade the target audience to engage with the companies he worked for.

Since 2017, Nimit has taken his passion for marketing a notch higher by leading corporate marketing and internal communications for companies across the board. This involves him developing marketing strategies, charting out digital campaigns, and taking an active part in inbound marketing and lead generation. His passion, dedication, and experience allowed Nimit to lead the marketing department of WeP Digital Services (an IT company originally established as a section of Wipro’s domestic IT wing) for 3 years, where he was given the “Digital Marketing Innovation” award for his achievements.

In 2020, when the world was hit by a global pandemic, Nimit decided to educate people around the world with the help of a stimulating podcast. He started a podcast called “The LinkedIn Podcast” where he invited professionals excelling in different domains to discuss topics like branding, corporate growth, analytics, social media, careers, and many more. This facilitated a free flow of valuable information and interesting anecdotes for existing and aspiring professionals stuck at home due to the COVID crisis.

Nimit recently moved to Canada where he is heading the marketing team of is a next-gen employee service platform that uses technologies like conversational AI, automated knowledge management, and process automation to provide an AI-powered employee support within Microsoft Teams. At, Nimit has been using his knowledge and experience for building digital strategies, generating B2B leads, optimizing content marketing, and exploring new marketing avenues for the company.

Always keeping an eye for the latest tech trends, Nimit strongly believes that it is important for businesses to embrace digitization to market their offerings better. He says, “We live in the age of digitization where technology has revolutionized marketing forever. With digital marketing gaining prominence and trends like hybrid workplaces getting mainstream attention, a business needs to get on the digital bandwagon to create its niche in the market. I have witnessed the massive shift brought in by technology to the realm of marketing. In the years to come, I wish to tap into the right resources and find innovative ways to engage the audience. At the end of the day, it’s all about winning over your customers!”


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