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NIFT Alumni Knocking the Door of the Fashion Industry with Khadi in High-end Fashion

“Khadi is the fabric of unity from the holy land of India, having the potential to become the market leader in high fashion and lifestyle for the world,” says the Founder and Creative Director of WARDAN™, Mr. Wardan Chandra Basu, 26, an alumnus of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi.


Mr. Wardan Chandra Basu, Founder and Creative Director of WARDAN™ and Mr. Shahzad Salmani, HOD of Products and Services at WARDAN™


Basu spent 4 years in NIFT Delhi studying Fashion Design with a vision to merge design aesthetics with business. In Basu’s words, “I learnt a great deal about design and aesthetics from Dr. Purva Khurana and the sense of Business model from Dr. Amandeep Grover. Since then, I have always wanted to find a way to bring them together.” Hence, since his second year, 2015, Basu introduced himself to the world of entrepreneurship and was one of the top 5 contestants in NIFT-HG Startup Competition in 2018. He kept getting mentored on startups by Mr. Harish Gupta, CEO, Fashion Learning Resources, even after the competition.


Graduated with the Most Creative and Innovative Design Collection in 2018 for the collection ZERO, based on Luxury in craft sector, Basu owes his success and foundation to his mindset inspired by his long list of influential personalities across the globe. He also bagged the first position in International Student Design Competition Award in the International Conference held in India Habitat Centre, New Delhi in 2018 hosted by NIFT.


Basu started his journey towards his dream by setting up a sampling unit, OFFERING DREAMS in 2020 with Mr. Shahzad Salmani, who later became the HOD of Products and Services at WARDAN™.


Basu’s progressive business model led him to subsequently open the first Design Studio of WARDAN™ along with a sampling workshop in Fashion Street, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi on 16th April, 2021 for the operations of WARDAN™. 


After getting the extravagant response both from the Private and Government sector for his first collection, SWADES, showcased at Couture Runway Week™, Basu is now looking forward to unleashing the potential of the rich fabric, Khadi. SWADES consisted of premium garments having modern silhouettes made in Khadi presented in an aesthetic way focusing on comfort and quality which was never seen before in the Fashion Industry.


SWADES has shown that it’s possible to have various tuxedos, jackets, blazers, coats, shirts, sweatshirts, corsets and many more made in Khadi.


In records of recent events, taking the high road in order to take Khadi into high-end fashion, the company is moving towards its online and offline stores soon.


WARDAN™ is a high fashion company focusing on quality and comfort with modern aesthetics. Specialized in both Menswear and Womenswear, the company intends to give a new direction to the fashion and lifestyle ecosystem with a mission to embody a team of creative enthusiasts who are ready to invigorate the current fashion that exists.


“Khadi has always been sidelined by the younger generation, but the rise of Khadi in the premium sector will give a boost to the vision of reviving the Khadi Spirit in the country,” says Basu.


The Prime Minister’s passion for Charkha is a well known fact for all of us.


Keeping this Khadi Spirit alive, WARDAN™ aims to act as a bridge between the two sectors on the basis of economy.


Khadi is not just a fabric, it is a national heritage that we must treasure. 


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