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New York-Based Media Mogul: Liana Zavo's PR Agency Becomes An International Brand

In 2018, Liana Zavo founded ZavoMediaPR Group to empower CEOs and entrepreneurs with a belief that a strong personal brand in the press creates visibility, credibility and profitability for their business to be heard and seen.

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The PR Maverick, self-development author and impact speaker expands her agency, to help CEOs and entrepreneurs gain a foothold on a global scale

I am successful as the founder, CEO, and strategist of my global communications agency due to my authenticity and leadership style; I am direct, brash, and brazen.”

— Founder & CEO of ZavoMediaPR Group

REGO PARK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 27, 2022 / — “As a female activist, I aim to inspire women leaders and the next generation of entrepreneurs to amplify their voices through storytelling,” Liana Zavo revealed. As the successful CEO and founder of ZavoMediaPR Group headquartered in New York City, Zavo is responsible for designing and developing strong personal brand strategies in the press to drive growth and for helping leaders navigate complexity with confidence and clarity of thought. She has harnessed more than 10 years of experience as a renowned digital storyteller and PR expert through executive leadership, consulting work, keynoting, and thought leadership. To be in a time where the world can be anyone’s stage, only brands that shine the brightest attract the most attention. However, capturing attention is the most challenging aspect to gain. A public relations strategist and expert make an essential difference in skyrocketing the visibility and credibility of a brand. Liana Zavo is a PR maverick and media mogul who serves CEOs, entrepreneurs, and professionals in online reputation and attracts recognition, authority, and credibility.

Zavo’s firm, ZavoMediaPR Group, is based in New York City and has assisted numerous service-based professionals and C-level executives in gaining leverage in the press and media by achieving massive credibility. Driven to create and implement strategic media relations, she leaps a hundredfold by going global after her first visit to Dubai on her thirty-fifth birthday to visit the world-renowned EXPO 2020. Dubai is full of opportunities, especially for women. The Dubai Production City is an international hub and a world-class ecosystem for creativity and innovation. Thousands of professionals have integrated and thrived with other industries because of its free zones. Being in a dynamic environment that thoroughly supports companies, ZavoMediaPR Group is proud to open a remote office in Dubai with a staff of ten creative and media-savvy women. This talented team is ready to tackle new investors, real estate developers, and service-based industry professionals who seek visibility on a global scale. The new branch also assists with corporate reputation, executive positioning, business transformation, brand awareness, and influencer marketing. Currently, the PR agency has remote offices in the United States, UAE, United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore.

A High-Caliber Expert

The groundbreaking global entrepreneur knows from experience how difficult it can be to attract attention, build a reputation, and stand out. As the first female entrepreneur in her family, she braced challenges and conquered them. “I am successful as a founder and PR strategist of my agency because of my authenticity and leadership style; I am direct, brash, and brazen,” she said. The lessons and experiences became her foundation in establishing her PR firm, becoming an official member of renowned organizations such as Forbes Business Council, Young Entrepreneur Council, and a Chairwoman of WMW Lounge. As a Forbes contributor, Zavo’s latest article in Forbes on women in NFT caught the attention of a journalist of BBC News in London. The interview was on the underrepresentation of women in the NFT digital marketspace. As the first female author with a one-word acronym to have her own NFT book, she has consulted brands on how to develop authority and a foothold in the new digital portal that will play a vital role in the Web 3.0 evolution.

A Catalyst for Reinvention

The media mogul has helped clients secure media opportunities globally from her NYC-based agency. Her clientele comprises of CEOs, C-level executives, and female-owned startups. Zavo’s agency is constantly looking for ways to help professionals resonate with the ever-changing markets and make an impact internationally. She aspired to become a catalyst and help women transform and reinvent themselves as impactful brands in their companies. Studies show a lack of trust and awareness of CEOs and executives. People have higher expectations towards a leader who can act beyond the title. Engaged leadership becomes essential in bringing everyone together. Aside from knowledge and expertise in running a business, leaders must also have visibility, empathy, and accessibility to the public.

ZavoMediaPR Group expertly crafts transformative campaigns through relationship-driven approaches. These campaigns must have the following elements to ensure that CEOs and executives succeed in their industries:

• An impactful and relevant narrative. While stakeholders and investors expect reports, spreadsheets, and mandates during meetings, leaders should not limit their scope within these topics. Addressing social goals and industry trends must also be part of the equation. ZavoMediaPR Group creates powerful content for CEOs and executives. These stories coincide with the company’s identity, mission, and expertise.

• Character improvement. The era of robotic speeches is a thing of the past. Leaders must now be authentic, visible, and approachable for people to follow. ZavoMediaPR Group prepares leaders for various speaking opportunities and coaches them on how to command presence, leverage expertise, and hone their communication skills to increase their engagement.

• Storytelling and delegation. Business leaders should learn to express their thoughts and intent through storytelling that influences stakeholders and employees. Using a consistent, relatable, and thorough story that is easy to convey, leaders can use this tool to create a connection. Additionally, the power of delegation helps multiply the company’s mission, vision, and goal through the most credible voices of the organization. ZavoMediaPR Group secures digital media opportunities and speaking events for executives to depict their stories to prospects.

Zavo’s pursuit of excellence in her craft shows her passion for ensuring quality service to her clients regionally and abroad. “From the first time I started telling a story, seeing the world through someone else’s lens has been my passion. When life became too much, I found my peace in taking interviews and writing. One day, I realized I could have that every day if I were courageous enough to make my dream a reality. I took a leap and never looked back,” she explained. She remained undaunted by challenges because she knew how to pivot and adapt to the tide. ZavoMediaPR agency becomes her legacy in thrusting CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to success using trusted media relations, strategies, and top-tier publications, guaranteeing incredible results.

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