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New Website, Book Reveal Jesus and others Miraculously Raised from Death in our time are proof of Afterlife.

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New revelations show science is not needed to validate Easter because of living proof that miracles and resurrections are real.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, CA, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2022 / — As Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ are on everybody’s mind, a new website launched by spirit researcher Christian Howard proclaims that Jesus and others miraculously resurrected in our time prove there is an afterlife. He asks the obvious – “how can a body die, but something stays alive that can travel, travels to some nowhere, and then comes back from this same nowhere with death miraculously healed? There has to be some powerful place to go to and come back from.”

On Howard’s new website and in his book, he details what happened to three other people besides Jesus who had their own ‘Easter mornings’ in our time. When Howard heard about the experiences of two medical doctors and a business owner, he wanted to find out more.

“I was curious to know the mechanics of what happened to these people who were also miraculously healed and given their lives back. Maybe they might lead to some kind of formula so anyone could download the same healing energy into their daily lives,” he said.

Dr. Alexander died from a rare brain disease, Dr. Neal drowned, and business owner Anita Moorjani died in hospital from stage 4 cancer. All three penned best-selling books of their experiences. Howard used their accounts as he sought to find out whether the same healing energy they experienced could be accessed by anyone in the physical world without them having to die first.

“The mechanics of miracles are unknown, but these resurrections show clearly there is a force that can control life and death,” Howard explained. “All four point to the same energy for their healing – it is love, an intense, all-enfolding love – no physical instruments, just love. And with the resurrections happening to an atheist neurosurgeon in the US, a Hindu raised in Hong Kong, and a Christian orthopedic surgeon who died in South America, I realized immediately this is a love without borders or belief constraints accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

“I learned from these experiences that after the body dies, the released soul does not die but goes to a dimension in total control of our lives,” Howard said. “While Jesus and the others came back to their bodies here, the rest of us don’t. For us, Easter morning is different. It is to be ‘risen’ into a dimension of Spirit. Death here is the doorway to get back there. This also showed me something else – just as our souls can’t go to some nowhere, they can’t come from some nowhere either. When we are born here, it must be that part of us dies there. Yes there is an afterlife, but there must also be a pre-life because we can’t just pop out of nothing. These experiences seem to show that being human may be just a temporary journey for what are eternal souls.”

After concluding his research, Howard is thrilled to launch his own mission to provide his readers with a formula for a whole new way to get in touch with the spirit world left behind and bring its love into their lives to help get rid of the hate in this world.

Howard’s new website and book Is Eternity Already Here are an exciting journey into areas of thought that provide a fresh perspective on the human–spiritual relationship as well as a unique method to create a spiritual connection anyone can use to add to the quality of their lives.


About Christian Howard

I have always felt as if I f were preprogrammed to explore the relationship of the normal to the paranormal, physical to spiritual. I wanted answers to my questions – who are we, where did we come from, why are we here, what’s the best way to live, and where do we go from here? Are we just one of many species that evolved on our planet, or are we something more than just human animals? But this journey is not about me. I think of myself as just one part of a Universal team. I’m doing my share to help us remember the power of love waiting for our invitation to uplift our lives and flow through us to others and help heal our world.

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