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New Release on Pandemic by Author Meril Smith Leaves Readers Thinking

“Have We Found Our Better Selves?”

Second book on the COVID-19 pandemic by the same author gives readers plenty to reflect on

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 13, 2022 / — The COVID-19 virus has brought about a lot of things: death, despair, restrictions, and many lives changed. Online learning became the norm, people wearing masks became a common sight, and social distancing was practiced everywhere. But have people become better versions of themselves because of all these? Or have they gone worse? These are some of the questions that author Meril Smith asks in his new book covering the global health crisis, Have We Found Our Better Selves?

A teacher by profession, Meril Smith has nurtured numerous minds over the span of thirty years. Along with witnessing changes in generations, he has also witnessed how the world transformed over the decades. Having seen the challenges of wars, famine, and social unrests, as well as the triumphant development of vaccines, technology, and globalization, Meril has developed, over the years, a keen eye and intelligent analysis of the transformation that people, society, and the world undergo. He used these as the backdrop for writing his books on the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Have We Found Our Better Selves?” challenges readers about the pertinent questions after living through the COVID-19 pandemic. It invites readers to think back and reflect on how they dealt with the situation dating back in early 2020 up to the recent lifting of restrictions and getting back to the old ways of life. More importantly, it asks readers to think about how they have treated themselves, one another, and those who are more in need while dealing with surges in the number of cases and the death of their loved ones or acquaintances.

At once challenging yet engaging and compassionate, the book gives its readers the chance to reflect and think to themselves if they have become better persons after going through something as huge as a global pandemic. Out now in bookstores everywhere!

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