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New Partnerships and New Methods Help New Non-Profits

Read to Kids US is a new non-profit which will encourage grandparents to read to children every day.

A photo os Santa Claus reading The Dog Who Went to the Doctor book to Arry

Read to Kids US Inc has launched a Bring Back Bedtime Stories crowdfunding campaign for the holidays featuring Arry and his “Adventures of Arry” series of Amazon children’s books.

Read to Kids US Inc is an example of how new non-profits will have to take advantage of new techniques and make new partnerships to succeed post-COVID.

I have been in hospitality and sports industries for years; but this type of non-profit was new to me. I definitely needed and welcomed the help of IFUNDWOMEN to use a new technique like crowdfunding.”

— Denise Meridith, Founder of Read to Kids US Inc

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, December 12, 2021 / — Non-profits have always struggled to start and survive. But 18+ months of the COVID pandemic have made their journey even more perilous. Some, such as food kitchens, have been overwhelmed by the demand increased by the initial spikes in unemployment. Others have been crippled by the loss of contributions and the elimination of fundraisers that enable them to provide their usual services. All communities’ socio-economic recovery in 2022 will be dependent on the survival of these services. There is a new non-profit—Read to Kids US Inc (—that is representative of the charities facing challenges, and of one which harbors hopes to demonstrate that new partnerships and new methods can lead to a successful new year.

Read to Kids US Inc is a non-profit that expended most of its start-up funding and time in 2021, wading through legal and government backlogs to earn Internal Revenue Service designation as a Federally tax-exempt organization. Its mission is to encourage parents and grandparents to read to children ages 3-6 years old.

The pandemic created both challenges and opportunities for families, and thus an opening for a non-profit like this. Some parents, such as first responders, were forced to spend longer times away from families, while others were forced to spend 24/7 together for the first time. Stress levels were high both at and away from home. Parents struggled to keep young children safe, calmed, and occupied. Meanwhile, due to the greater threat to older Americans, grandparents were often secluded from their grandchildren.

Read to Kids US Inc demonstrates how bringing back reading bedtime stories, something that many baby boomers remember from their youth, by spending just 15 minutes a day reading to children can benefit the whole family. The use of children’s books on tablets, and online technology, like Zoom, can connect family members safely, even in other countries. Five benefits include reducing stress, enhancing literacy, sharing important life lessons and ethics, strengthening family bonds, and having fun.

Read to Kids US Inc was able to establish a website that includes monthly advice from Dr. Sally Elam Goldberg, a professor of education and a parenting expert, and its star—Arry, a miniature red poodle, now has a fun and growing popular Instagram site. It also sold some books via Amazon and word-of-mouth in the community. But, due to COVID-19, the non-profit could not host visits to schools, hospitals, and senior community centers; stage book signings, and other events it originally had planned for showcasing the authors (Lynn Austin, Caren Cantrell, and Rodo Sofranac) who helped start the group; and other visibility- and fund/friend-raising activities.

With the holidays underway, the non-profit has turned to help from IFUNDWOMEN, an organization that helps women get funding, coaching, and connections needed for starting businesses. One of the resources it offers is a crowdfunding platform, which Read to Kids is testing out with a “Bring Back Bedtime Stories Campaign” during December.

“While I have been in hospitality and sports industries for years, this type of non-profit was new to me. I definitely needed and welcomed the help of IFUNDWOMEN to use a new technique like crowdfunding.,” said Denise Meridith, Founder/CEO of Read to Kids US Inc and author of the Adventures of Arry series of children’s books.

Meridith is also anxious to use and will rely heavily on the use of, social media to create new partnerships with and receive sponsorships from individuals and companies, like dentists, pediatricians, and pet-related companies that provide services to families. She hopes donations, sales of books, tee shirts, and other items, will also raise money that can assist other children’s and animal charities.

Regardless of the outcome of the new variant challenges or vaccine solutions, non-profits will have to stop relying on the traditional fundraising techniques (e.g., big banquets, door-to-door solicitations, direct mail, telemarketing, etc.) and turn to modern technologies and new partnerships to reach larger, younger, and more diverse audiences in 2022 and beyond.

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