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New Floshin Escrow Smart Contract may cause Extinction of Overcharging Platforms

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We’re moving from a centralized understanding of the world to a decentralized understanding of the world.”

— Mike Cernovich

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — A hyper-deflationary Floshin Token on BSC is developing an Escrow smart contract platform. With its escrow smart contract, any freelancer, small to large businesses will be able to trade with anyone and anywhere around the world with full confidence and security.

More than one-third of Americans contributed $1.3 trillion and 49% of Brits in the UK contributed £162 billion in the freelance economy in 2020. And most of the sellers have used buyers and sellers platforms like eBay, Amazon, Upwork, etc, and payment merchants like PayPal, Stripe, or similar ones.

On average, these platform commission starts from 5% to 30% with additional payment processing cost + some small fees which in total comes to 100s of billion dollars just in commission. These commissions are paid by the buyers.

Many sellers on such platforms will have to wait several days or weeks to receive their payment after the product is sold. Whereas with Floshin’s Escrow platform the payments are instant as soon as the trade is complete. By using Floshin’s Escrow smart contract buyers can on average save 15% on their buying cost.

According to current market trend data, the need for direct one-to-one transactions is increasing. With the Floshin escrow platform, it will help the sellers with quick payment, security, nominal cost and also benefit buyers with the reduced cost of the same products they buy from the other platforms.

In addition, Floshin is also developing a set of decentralised applications which will help in taking cryptocurrency in real-life use cases:

1. Automated market-making(AMM) decentralised exchange(DEX) with adverse farm and built-in Cross-Chain routers.

2. NFT Marketplace – we already have a list of 200+ artists and over 10k+digital arts which will be listed on our marketplace website immediately after the launch.

3. Floshin USD Stable Coin.

4. Interactive Crypto Wallet.

5. Floshin Debit Card in partnership with the debit card issuer. ‍(Floshin holders can apply for a debit card subject to KYC checks).

6. Governance platform for any DeFi token.

For more information please read our white paper on https://floshin.com/whitepaper

Floshin Token is currently in Presale on Pinksale which ends on 30th Nov 2021 at 21:00 UTC.

Presale rate is 1 BNB = 1.2T Floshin.

For more information in Presale visit: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0x8a87B5535E1D9e8D7521cf080D2d533d78e853e5?chain=BSC

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